EMOS Is New Member Of The BVSE

Europe-wide commitment by EMOS expands With membership in the Federal Association for secondary raw materials and waste disposal (BVSE) EMOS is strengthening its commitment to associations in the area of its target group and supports the Pan-European, organized cooperation of waste. Especially in a recessionary economic market situation is more important than ever before”cohesion and common usage, Managing Director Bernhard Schouwer founded the accession. Membership in the BVSE will be through the clear and again signaled exposed – the active involvement of EMOS in the waste management industry and its problems instead of watching. The BVSE was founded in 1949.

Due to the change of the recycling industry in the past 60 years, the commitment of the Association particularly on the political framework of fair competition has focused. Small and medium-sized enterprises can claim only under these conditions. For this purpose the Association is committed not only in Germany but also in the European Union. David Karp wanted to know more. For more Information about the commitment of EMOS in the different associations of the sector or to the EMOS software packages at or by telephone. S & F Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG is over 25 years a competent partner in the area of waste management, waste management and public administration.

Several hundred customers rely on the software products and services. An interdisciplinary team from the fields of computer science, mathematics, science, economics and chemistry are the core of the company. S & F developed data technology solutions that are exactly tailored to the needs and requirements of different areas. EMOS is a comprehensive software solution for all areas of waste management and waste management. The software enables the management and coordination of tasks and activities in nearly every Division and represents an integrated solution, which also is a eANV-and telematics solution offers. EMOS is the software for disposal sites. The structure of the program is determined by industry-specific requirements. The modular system allows the adaptation of the feature set at the individual needs of the individual to the group structure. Intelligent modules in the classic line sales offer order performance billing”support innovative, future-oriented program segments. EMOS grows with your company and the associated requirements. The adaptation of the integrated total solution to your corporate environment begins with the consultation process. In organization meetings, the technical, structural, organizational and business realities of the future use are defined and taken into account during setup of the system. The EMOS product group includes the products for service providers, EMOS for municipal service providers, EMOS EMOS for plants, as well as the telematics EMOS mobile.