Kate Winslet Nude And Attacked Hard From PETA

The organization raises real fur for a photo shoot to have tolerated many stars you were publicly many times by the Organization PETA insulted and offended. Main reason is wearing real fur. (Similarly see: David Karp). Many stars support however, the fight against wearing real fur, but some have not. Kate Winslet supporters instead of object of hate was however rather. Until now! Now PETA is pissed at the oscarnomminierte actress. After the last trouble is gone just a little bit, at once also PETA to word register. You accuse the actress to have tolerated that it uses real fur in the Vanity Fair photo shoot. This has however forcibly about the actress.

About their media spokesman let it align: “I didn’t really know that it was real fur. I never wear fur and am also very sad about what happened. “And what does Vanity Fair? You apologize to Kate Winslet for the “lack of communication”. One thing is certain, the booklet will find buyers.