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The Russians are everywhere and they should adapt to the environment in which they live or they should return to the motherland. But such as they have a powerful father who has no punches in defending them and invade any contiguous State, with the certainty that nobody You can fight against him, the situation becomes chilling. Russia is not only the world’s second military power, they now became the second largest producer of oil in the world after Saudi Arabia. It has weapons, soldiers and money. When I had no money and listener attending the meetings of the G8, it was a meek little lamb who nodded without question to the big decisions. Now the letters have changed hand.

Its militar-nuclear power has no more rival than the United States. In a nearest scenario, Latin America is undergoing dramatic political changes under the baton and the money of the banana Stalin, who wants to make the subcontinent a copy of the former Soviet Union. The ridiculous Venezuelan already gave their support to Putin, who comes to be as if a child of three years support the champion of weightlifting at the summer Olympics. Beyond the comedy that causes internationally, Chavez has weight on the stunted Latin America. His collaborators govern Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua and Bolivia. It is in the latter that there may be a secession of departments (provinces) East forming the Bolivian Crescent, comprising half of the country. Its inhabitants are mostly cambas, descendants of Spaniards and Creoles in general.

However with the economic boom that benefited the region, hundreds of thousands of collas, descendants of indigenous quechuas and Aymaras moved to their cities. The situation in Bolivia is hot and could result in a physical, political and ethnic separation of La Paz. What will be the position of Brazil and Argentina, which are the countries bordering with the autonomist regions, if there is a landslide? And what will be the attitude that assume the mediolunenses from the ethnic standpoint? Lula has a moderate face when it’s the Brazil, but it is still the same trade unionist extremist in relation to the Southern Cone. He said more than once, that Venezuela never had better President than Chavez. The Kirchner depends and is attributable to the Venezuelan to whom it owes more than one little dress, and Chavez is not going to allow that his Bolivian pawn, Evo Morales, runs out of the richest region in the country and he loses control over the heart of South America. If Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina are to defend Morales, the only one who can save the Crescent of a massacre is United States, which has much more important ingredients to cook in your slow cooker for getting involved in a regional conflict in the South, and you should not fight with Brazil or Argentina.

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There is support stockings for over 100 years. Now, Sigvaris brings a whole new collection of support stockings on the market with the LIFESTOCKINGS series. A sock named stockings arouses no enthusiasm among the most: Brown, uncomfortable and the typical attributes, which are said to have these products are anything but fashionable. This actually wrong, because there are a number of socks on the market, which can no longer be distinguished from a conventional hosiery even by professionals. SIGVARIS LIFESTOCKINGS the world market leader for mediznische compression stockings and support stockings of Sigvaris is now bringing a whole new generation stockings to the customer: the LIFESTOCKINGS.

Although very similar to a support stocking the stockings by the effect, the manufacturer has consciously a medical name, to avoid the usual prejudices. The new collection is fashion stockings, which have been awarded with the seal of the CES. The seal stands for “controlled efficacy stockings” and sets close to a controlled effect. No stockings the new Sigvaris socks differ in many points of support stockings: the finest yarn allows a discreet transparency, which was not possible with support stockings! New knitting technique ensures a silky appearance of micro fibre with fine mesh screen and Lycra allow maximum efficiency at simultaneous comfort new staining techniques allow the Brown stockings of the past belong to the stockings were developed and designed in collaboration with fashion experts. With the LIFESTOCKINGS, Sigvaris would mainly attract the younger generation, because vein problems often begin before age 30. For each the right stocking women can choose from three types of stocking, the HIGHLIGHTS are available as short knee-length socks, stump thigh stockings or round to protective tights. There are six colors to choose from for the fashion conscious woman. But also the health-conscious man comes at Sigvaris not too short: with the CITYLIGHT, he receives a modern knee stockings. The ribs look, as well as the three masculine colors make these stockings to the optimum Companion.

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The additional ‘live cam’-function, which is offered exclusively by ViewSonic, makes it possible to transfer pictures from your Smartphone camera users in real time on the projector. The ability to add changes and notes during the presentation, creates an interactive situation in which the audience more involved in what is happening. Data can be transferred at any time wirelessly. This applies both when the projector via LAN cable to a network is connected to, so even though the unit using the optional WPD 100 Wi-Fi dongle is fully Wi-Fi enabled. It is to connect simultaneously up to four PCs and display the contents on a common Splitscreen. This increases the flexibility and the efficiency of the users who are dependent on a multi-screen projection.

The new series of advanced connect projectors from ViewSonic also includes a complete Network control system including Crestron RoomView / AMX and PJ-link management system. This efficient and easy to use software can manage multiple projectors within a network and control. Thus, the costs for maintenance and management. With the integrated USB interface and the Office Viewer the advanced can represent many formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and multimedia files connect projectors, without the need for a PC or laptop. The advanced connect projectors also support the ICOM SIM mode (digital imaging and communication in medicine simulation mode).

This allows the exact representation of also finest shades, which is mainly in the medical sector of great benefit. The ability to represent, for example, x-rays as extremely precise makes the projectors ideal for physicians who need exact figures in their professional life, or even for training purposes. PJD8633ws: This projector is ideal for small class room and in the business sector. The PJD8633ws is an advanced Connect-ultra-short distance projector for direct projection, which uses a larger fish-eye lens to do so. The WXGA DLP PJD8633ws enables wide-screen presentations with a diagonal of 205 cm (81 ‘) at a distance of 64 cm (2.1 ft).