Monthly Archives: November 2013

Spanish Association

REPACAR remembers to us that in these Christmas dates, and especially in the days of Christmas, New Year and Kings, the generation of residues, and especially those of paper and cardboard, increase by the way near the 20, reason why many City councils start up special campaigns of reinforcement of the services of collection of […]

Islamic Charity Association

Mother Teresa: I can not stop working. I’ll have eternity to rest. With the surname Elneser began to familiarize myself since when in the small desks of the child jardiin in the College gym Girardot was my first contact with the study. Each course had unElneser and in each of them the joy, excitement and […]

Botanical Garden

Finally nears the summer and high temperatures. With good weather people go out into the streets in search of lively terraces, Sun and new offers for leisure and culture. The most popular proposals include multiple festivals that premiered this season. Among them is the festival of Jazz in Paris, held in a unique and beautiful […]


Also You can rent a car in the city between 30 and 600 dirhams per day, depending on the season, the type of car and the services that are needed. Accommodation and restaurants there are several hotels, villas and restaurants in the ski station and the people. One of the two main hotels is quite […]