Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Practice

Science, if not dominated by a profound wisdom, makes losing consciousness and the way of life of human beings back, separating them increasingly cosmic system of which they are part. The modern education is based on the acquisition of increasingly large knowledge; It uses memory, to Cartesian, discriminant, logical intelligence. The individual becomes a machine […]

The Cleaning

In order to reaffirm themselves in the different groups and to prologar the most possible stage controlentrpico, the societies (through the governmental institutions, or of the training and forjadores beings of the social character) uses diverse social control systems that we called here dissipators of the chaos social". We try in this test to identify […]

Good Quality Driving Schools

It is very likely that the novice driver to leave the road with a stream of cars that other, as a feat. After the vehicle – is not only a high-tech device to control a motor vehicle required to have significant amount of knowledge and skills, but also car – a very expensive thing. But […]

Pagan Arcana

The tarot is an activity that accompanies mankind since more than 5000 years ago. It’s a predictive method that allows you to reflect the past of the consultant, describe the present and predict some questions about its future. We must consider that the free tarot is similar to face-to-face tarot. The only thing that changes […]

As Train Children Winners

Centuries ago, a famous Greek thinker said: the only thing permanent is change. We must prepare our children for a world in constant change, to the world of the future, nor that of our parents, or our own. In this world today the determining factor for success will be the character, not knowledge. Have temple […]