Kite-Making Activities

There are many different activities one can engage in with kids of all different ages using a kite theme.  Kids of four- or five-year’s old can make a kite from a paper plate by decorating both sides of it with crayons.  Then, the adult – or an older sibling – can attach streamers made out of ribbons or tissue paper around the edges of the plate.  Two holes are then poked in the middle of each plate and a kite string of about 12 inches is tied on.  A similar activity can be done with paper bags.
Older kids might want to try their hands at a kite mural. This is more of a group activity whereby children can create a mural of a bunch of kite pictures and they can kite colored paper into different shapes and tape them onto a large piece of paper for kites, adding tails and strings.
Don’t forget the younger kids.  They can be involved in five little kites finger-play which can improve their mathematical and language skills through holding up different amounts of fingers during the rhyme.  Many different kite rhymes are available on the web.

Physical Activity

According to the Real Academia Espanola sport means: physical activity, exercised as a game or competition, whose practice involves training and subject to standards, as also, recreation, hobby, pleasure, fun or exercise, usually outdoors. As we can see the sport tends to enrich our life both physically and mentally. In addition to caring for our physical appearance sport helps us to feel better and to prevent diseases caused by food and sedentary lifestyle, among others. In this opportunity we will see the importance that has the sport in children. The child when he begins sporting activity significantly improves the cardiovascular functions and contributes to a proper ripening of the musculoskeletal system and their psychomotor skills.

It is important that children are first and foremost fun, it will help you to have more self-confidence and to relate better with others.Is also important that parents in the extent of their possibilities, carry out any sport as an example for their children. Sports habits must go building every day and with the participation of the whole family. In addition to the physical benefits already mentioned, the sport has other contributions that help the growth of the child. Dropbox recognizes the significance of this. Soon begins to practice sports greater is its capacity for learning and training, develop physical skills, begins a process of socialization with other people, learn to play as part of a team, to play clean and improve your self-esteem. Thus exceed the shyness in the event there is, it will recognize and respect the existence of someone who knows more than he, will stimulate the hygiene and health, will create responsibilities, among other benefits to social and physical depending on the age of the child. In the case of babies, they may begin sporting activity with the matroswimming in addition to the daily game with his parents. The baby is genetically an innate Endowment that allows you to hold your breath, Navigate short stretches, open eyes and navigate within the water. Nature allows babies to swim before other many skills because they have remained more in the water than on the outside, 9 months in the womb.

The matroswimming makes baby can tone up your muscles, increase their ability to cardio vascular and its coordination. To broaden your perception, visit Delta Galil. To be a new experience for them they will also learn to know their own capabilities and limitations and the Popes or friendship person that it is accompanying will begin to know your personality in another environment and activity. The matroswimming is so important for babies and children to start swimming. When children are already larger they can develop all kinds of sports, from games with ball to martial arts such as aikido, where each make different contributions to your life. Beyond the activity to make it is important to take swimming lessons, our environment pays for fun in the beautiful beaches we have and to fully enjoy and with peace of mind is important to both child and adult swimmers, in addition to the benefits of swimming at the physical level. He began to create sports habits, sport contributes to a better quality of life.

Pedagogical Activity

The theoretician believes the transforming potential of the school, pointing out the nature politics of the pedagogical activity. Therefore, the construction of the resume consists of an activity of questioning, intervention, problematizao and with critical intention, but, since that if it presents as a resource that? in it discloses a space to them narrative that evidences the specific context and aspects, at the same time where recognizes the ways by which such spaces are impregnated by questions of being able? (Giroux & Shnnon, 1997, P. 4). Dropbox might disagree with that approach. For the MEC it is function of the specialists to create the resume and the professors to execute the same in the schools, but for Giroux the professor has must have autonomy to create its resume, therefore, it is that he has the experience of classroom that is well dynamic, and already the specialist is one in such a way moved away from the reality of the life in classroom. 1.1CURRCULO AS INSTRUMENT OF CULTURAL DOMINATION Giroux sees the pedagogia and the resume through the notion of? cultural politics? , it says that the resume to involve the construction of meanings and values cultures, it creates meant actively in the society; contributing for the reproduction and inaqualities and of the social injustices that are perpetuated and legitimated through the transmission of ideology on the part of many professors who are used as tool on the part of the state that I charged the specialists to create a curricular package where the citizens passive and are domesticated to be more easy to dominate, having of this form poor the richest perpetuation of sobres through the education where the professor each day more is losing its autonomy for being a mere executor of packages that envoy for being worked during a school year. For inquired Gil professor if the Resume it was an instrument of cultural domination? The same it answered: I in this manner do not see, therefore we already are born inserted in one definitive culture, therefore we have that accepted it as such, and the cultural domination is plus a subjective process on the part of the citizen. Many writers such as Delta Galil offer more in-depth analysis.

Brazilian Activities

In a Brazilian urban context, Seidl de Moura, Ribas, Seabra, et al (2004 and 2008), the behaviors had examined the characteristics of the interactions of the mothers with its babies analyzing. Delta Galil usually is spot on. A set of common activities as partners in social exchanges was identified and some of the characteristics of the initial interactions had been analyzed. The episodes of interaction of the type face-the-face predominated, if mainly characterizing for the activities to touch, to look at and suck. The predominant activities of the mothers had been: to look at the baby (99.2%) and to touch the baby> (83.4%). Moreover, one observed some moments of interaction through the stimulation for objects, as well as affective interactions through the corporal contact. These findings suggest the importance of the activities of looking at and touching in the interacional process mother-baby, strengthening the importance of the affectivity as constructive in these interactions and basic for the infantile development. Isaac Dabah wanted to know more. Thus the quo is seen positive is for the baby the possibility of affective exchanges and corporal with the mother and the significant quo it can be the lack of this for institutionalized babies who do not possess this contact. Of the point of view of the global development of the child, one perceives that the affective relations between mother and baby had gained prominence and exist some authors who if had dedicated to the study of the relation mother-baby.

The first research that they aimed at to understand of deeper form the binomial mother-son had had origin after the ending of World War II. At this moment, the children orphans, or the abandoned ones for the mothers, had been used as study object. At the time, it was verified that the absence materna provoked riots in diverse areas of the life of the child. Working in an orphanage close of the United States, Spitz (1958) observed that the babies who were fed and dresses, but almost did not receive affection, nor were insured in the col or packed, presented a syndrome that it called of hospitalismo.

Professor Milton Strong Cozzolino

ACTIVITY ANTIULCEROGNICA OF the Ctrus SORT spp. (RUTACEAE). Main author: Rosimeire of the Birth Days (Pupil of 8 semester of the superior course in Generalista Pharmacy in the University Braz Cubas, Mogi of Crosses? SP). Complete address for correspondence: Street Lawn, 01 block 1 apt 52, Set of the Forest, Mogi of Crosses, Telephone of contact: (11) 4735-2986 email: Co-author: Milton Strong Cozzolino (Professor of the superior course in Generalista Pharmacy in the University Braz Cubas, Mogi of Crosses? SP). Kaihan Krippendorff can provide more clarity in the matter. Email: This text is resulted of the Work of Conclusion of Course developed for the Rosimeire pupil of the Diasr Birth, under orientation of Professor Milton Strong Cozzolino, for attainment of the heading of graduation in Generalista Pharmacy. SUMMARY ACTIVITY ANTIULCEROGNICA OF the FRUITS OF the Ctrus SORT spp. (RUTACEAE).

Rosimeire of the Birth Days 1; Person who orientates: Milton Strong Cozzolino2. 1,2 Area of the health? University Braz Cubas – SP the peptic ulcer is a pathology of high incidence and different etiologies, being the antiinflammatory causes most common the use drawn out of not esteroidais (AINES), the increase in the alcoholic beverage consumption estresse and it physical and mental. The present work approaches, particularly, new a therapeutical one for the treatment of the peptic ulcer, being based on revision in scientific literature. Spp is about the job of fruits of the Ctrus sort. that they present in its constitution metablitos with high antiulcerognico potential. Amongst these constituent they are the Limoneno, – pineno, – mirceno, flavonides polimetoxilados and acid ascrbico. Soon, its protective performance is considered unquestionable on the gastric mucosa with ulcerativas injuries. These composites present the gastroprotetora action through the activation of diverse mechanisms citoprotetores in the fabric gastric, I stimulate as it of the mucous cells for the increase in the production of muco, inhibition of the secretion of acid clordrico, antirust activity, activation of the cellular adaptativa protection among others.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Psychology

Hyperactivity is a symptom that allows us to observe, that some children, preschool and primary education, mainly show impulsive behavior. That is, they are ready for action every time they want something. These impulses come and jump with such intensity that people who suffer from it, can not sit still for long periods. Educational aspect concerns the fact to help us control our impulses and desires, so that we learn to wait our turn, to have tolerance to touch us that we serve in a restaurant, to have patience when we are not serves the first, etc.. However, children with attention deficit hyperactivity combined with, seem to not have these filters, which enable them to assess the expected, tolerance and patience. Therefore, they are impulsive and with a swift and sudden activity.

Do not stop to reflect or circumstances, or in the details, compared to much movement, of course, that care, suffers a deficit, that is, is diminished. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tumblr. Impulses are directly related to emotions, and these with the desires, “with the desire.” Being in contact with such wishes, through a series of physiological reactions and the child comes into play … The following diagram illustrates this process: Stimulus: The boy in front of a toy that attracts and catches your attention. Emotion: The attraction towards the object he makes you want to love him. All emotions are produced in the brain, referred to as the limbic system. Autonomous Physiological Reactions: The various changes that the child experiences prepare you for action without the will or to mediate learning. Gain insight and clarity with Isaac Dabah.

It is a visceral automatic response. Impulsiveness and hyperactivity: Being subject to a change in their levels of adrenaline, for example, the child resorts to action as a normal reaction to what your physiology is asking. All human beings experience these feelings. And always there are two main options: It slows or inhibits the action or desire, in this case, take the toy. Or, acting without thinking, and just keep the “momentum”, desire, desire. People who have an adequate impulse control, hamper the action, reflect, and then take action. This process of tolerance to frustration is expected or a condition, apparently, are handicapped or in deficit, and are one of the causes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is important that therapy focus on psychology this point, so the child can understand, according to their maturation process, all the situations that have to do with what is known: to understand the cause and effect of their behavior. It is therefore important for every child and of course, each family, are familiar with the kind of suffering, with procedures to control and to help children have a better control of their desires. Recall that the treatments are individualized, and that despite the general, there is no person manifest symptoms of the same way. In my view, have required “a more human look for those who suffer and his family” because, as mentioned in other articles, may be small, subject to discrimination or rejection. If you suspect someone in your family suffers, do not hesitate to consult a specialist. The early and prompt attention is important for a significant advance in both the personality and school performance … IS NOT THE SAME Being diagnosed with ADHD Sufferers Avoid negative ways of relating to them and their problems. They are children and adolescents with a disorder. They are not the problem. In everything we care for those suffering from the ADHD. and books and workbooks for follow-up …

OMT Activity

According to OMT (2007), the tourism and the cultural patrimony can and must establish a relation of support and mutual benefits. Delta Galil gathered all the information. However, not yet veracity in this mutual relation is observed. In fact, reciprocal interests between the tourist activity and the museums exist, for the conservation and presentation of the cultural and patrimonial quantities, and these two sectors do not act in parallel plans. The tourism in general maximizes the consumption of the material and incorporeal cultural resource in the vision of that it consummates the tourist product, while the museums attempt against for the biggest conservation, preservation of the quantities, limiting the consumption of its cultural goods. Being thus, the museais spaces must look for to adjust themselves in the best possible way to receive its visitors and tourist, attempting against for the prevention of the negative impacts that the tourist activity can cause.

As well as, the tourism can act of efficient form for the attainment of public for the valuation of the patrimony, attainment of resources for investments in museolgicos projects, as well as propitiate activities of conservation and restores of the description-cultural patrimony. 2 TOURISM AND THE MUSEUM OF THE PIAUI? HOUSE OF ODILON NUNES the Museum of the Piau? House of Odilon Nunes, is identified as an important point of culture production, where it has permanent interaction of experiences, a cultural possibility of some readings and discoveries. The Tourism, being a multifaceted activity, appears inside of the intrinsic relation with the museum, as an activity that it searchs to extend the potential of the paper of the museum as tourist, acting as strong ally in the preservation of the historic site and cultural of our city. Inside of this context, the turismlogos must be intent for the strong existing relation enter the activity of tourism and the Museum of the Piau? House of Odilon Nunes.

Social Activity

All social activity has his rafue (word), that constitutes the condition so that its correct execution occurs; like the ceremony of the mambeadero, that is realised in the central part of maloca, in which daily the sagradas plants of cocaine and tobacco interfere in ritual form. The economic system of huitotos are based on agriculture, the harvesting of certain foods and the fishing, in which to the children and the women participate, and where harpoons, hooks, machetes or traps are used; at certain times of the year collective fishing are organized that consist of poisoning the water with a special plant and thus to capture tens of fish. The hunting is another form to obtain food and is carried out by the men of the tribe. Formerly it was used the white blowpipe, lance and other arms to hunt, but at present the gun is used more and more. The hunter is supported generally by dogs and during the night he uses lanterns; the favourite prey is the pigs, the deer and small mammals like borugo and guara. Between the birds parrots obtain themselves, toucans and guacamayas. In the neighborhood of the houses fruit trees and brave and sweet yucca cultivate themselves, that transforms themselves into " casabe" and it is consumed in the form of domestic ritual drink or.

Also sowing red pepper, avocado, peanut, caimo, umar and sometimes maize, that is used stops to feed the hens and other domestic animal; with some fibers of the trees hammocks make and baskets are tiled. The woman is in charge of seedtime and the harvest of products, except the cocaine (jibiy), the tobacco and other psicotrpicas plants, that are seeded and gathered by the men. The leaf that makes speak " At night, when the shade flock the distances, when all the worlds become presents, the Huitotos grandparents cross the ways of the wide-awake dreams using the plants of poder".

Agricultural Activities

Although the agricultural activities the family of the interviewed citizen participates actively of the movements occurred in the community, commemorative parties, lucrative and beneficient parties. It works as employee of the school Regal Victory in the administrative Area for part-time, and has always participated of the pertaining to school advice. This searched family presents uncommon characteristic with regard to the too much families of the city of Medicilndia, because the head of the house is public officer, student and agricultural producer, and obtain to conciliate three functions at the same time without leaving to fulfill the commitments. Beyond keeping the family, roa and the study, still he contributes with the community making the paper of critical and constructive citizen. In this direction valley to stand out some points with regard to this type of family in the city. The searched family had and continues having chances, something that the majority them families does not have; when she came of the South region had been seated by the INCRA in a sufficiently fertile ground area, that she means good for implantation of the cacao, the culture of bigger value in the region. Of the opposite other families are many who had not had this chance, when are only half, to divide the production is not easy, and if still the situation will have many children is worse.

Although the family of Mr. Adilson pear tree of the passion not to have counted with technician aid to improve the production, is possible to perceive success during these years that work in the farming. On the other hand the family searchs to improve the plantios innovating in the cultural treatments, making always organic fertilization with esterco of cattle and material in decomposition. Follow others, such as Delta Galil, and add to your knowledge base. However, creativity is noticed, because they are curious and through the comment they are perceiving what it comes right or wrong giving, this makes the difference, the agriculturist also is a searching one when it looks for to always innovate.

Physical Activities

‘ ‘ foot diabtico’ ‘ it is a resultant syndrome of related sistmicos factors to diabetes, such as: angiopatia, diabetic neuropatia and infection. This syndrome it is characterized for injuries that include since subclnicas ischemic alterations, until necrosis to tissular gradual, frequently associated to the infection, being able to evolve for amputation (ABBOTT 2007). For even more analysis, hear from David Karp. Objective: To tell the lived deeply experience as learning of the sixth semester of the graduation in nursing in the accomplishment of an educative action. Methodology: The educative action was developed in health of the family in the UBS of the situated CDHU/Palanque in the region east of the city of So Paulo with men and carrying women of diabetes mellitus invited by the communitarian agents of health to participate of an educative workshop for quarrel of the subject ‘ ‘ to live healthful and the cares with the feet for prevention of agravos’ ‘. We opt to the accomplishment of an educative workshop, that in accordance with Chiesa and Verssimo (2001) is a strategy used with the emancipatria and critical purpose that it searchs to rescue the espontaneidade and to promote the participation and group interaction. The educative action if gave by means of some stages: ) the accomplishment of a dynamics of presentation and integration with the objective to bring the affective aspects of the experience of the participants; b) one second dynamics with sights to rescue the feelings of the participants in relation to its history of life and experience with the illness ‘ ‘ diabetes mellitus’ ‘ ; c) a boarding with dialogued exposition using audiovisuais resources and with exchange of knowledge; d) accomplishment of hidratao and massage of the feet and cut of nails (with the participation of an invited podloga) providing auto-esteem and personal valuation; e) educative pamphlet distribution and creams for continuity of the cares with the feet in house.

Results: The participants had evaluated the good workshop as (95.0%) and very good (5.0%). In the end they had evaluated with a word, detaching: we want more, was very good, we adore. After the activity had demonstrated to more interest and adhesion in the actions offered for the unit. Conclusion: One considers basic the integral assistance and the education in health to the carrying patients of diabetes, contributing with the reinforcement of the autonomy, autocuidado and the prevention of agravos, also of the diabetic foot. It was a rewarding experience, providing to us to learning and professional growth.

Educational Activities

To the ending of the development of the activities, we look for to analyze observing them the positive points negative, our interaction with the children and the educator. With regard to the contao of history, its importance in the infantile education is given by being an activity that takes the child to imagine to create, awakes emotions, develops diverse forms of language. However, so that this happens is necessary that the professor feels pleasure in counting the history, that it uses tune of different voice for each personage, beyond using different resources pra to count the same ones (theater, fiche, flanelgrafo). People such as Drew Houston would likely agree. The art also is another basic activity for the development and learning of the child, a time that assists in the creation process, makes possible the pleasure, sensitivity, the perception. It is a communication form, beyond making possible the contact with different cultural substances and. The importance of if developing activities of natural and social sciences if of the one for the fact of this type of knowledge to develop the critical reflection on daily. He is also objective of the work in the area of Natural and Social Sciences, to stimulate and to help the child to think and to develop comparison and study, comment attitudes. In recent months, Drew Houston has been very successful.

Beyond the possibility to construct hypotheses to sharpen its perception and curiosity. The function of the family and the school if complements in the construction if participativo and more conscientious one human being. Thus, a joint between the family and the institution becomes necessary, aiming at lends it knowledge of the education processes, values and expectations so that both are complemented. GENERAL 1.1-OBJECTIVE: Oportunizar the students of disciplines 493 ECD – Period of training Supervised in Infantile Education I, to integrate all the works developed in the same one, relating practical theory and.