Month Groups

If you said yes to the question above, you are clearly that an aid in this question would be coming well. To revert this situation, he has two exits basically: aumentarquanto money you receive or to diminish its expenses. Since not is tosimples to move its wage, or any other source of prescription in curtoprazo (not to be that you are a member of the house of representatives and that can only increase seusalrio voting), we go to the exit most easy: to diminish the expenditures. For this, the first step is to know its expenses so well, how much the gift that namora you in the show window of shopping. One maneirabem simple of if to make this is to write down all its expenses in umaplanilha or even though in a notebook and to classify them in groups, comoeducao, transport, feeding, diversion, credit card, financings, children, loans, rent, diverse accounts, etc. After to write down and to classify its expenditures, is enough to verify which soos groups with the biggest values.

He will be accurately to these groups quevoc is important to know which its financial cost, that is, how much you this paying in interests and financial expenditures. Knowing this value, it is possible to take the decision to advance parcels. This will diminish its power of consumption in the gift, but it will increase to seupoder of consumption in the medium and long run. Credit card if most you divide of them if it concentrates nestegrupo, is important to evaluate if everything what this being bought realmente necessary. Had not to see the money leaving the pocket, the trend is to spend more in purchases for impulse. Transport evaluates its alternatives, today many companies euniversidades possesss hitchhiking programs what it is expressed grandeeconomia, since the transportation expenses can be divided entreat 5 people, beyond innumerable benefits to the environment.

Sun Microsystems

Of course, the idea of all these projects possess unique and valuable. But it is important also that at the right time, each of them has found its investor – venture capitalist: – case Yahoo! Inc. went up the hill, where in 1995. general partner, the California venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, Mike Moritz invested $ 1 million as its share in the company Yang and Filo – a real business started after the other largest investment venture capital firm – Kleiner Perkins in 1995. – History of the company Google Inc. began in 1998. (Two years after the creation of Brin and Paige a search engine) with a check for $ 100 thousand, who wrote out the name of another defunct company Behtolshaym Andy – one of the founders of Sun Microsystems.

After that, attracting investments from relatives, friends and relatives, with Bryn Paige formed his own company with a registered fund of $ 1 million – any serious attention to the website was drawn once in November 2005, Hurley and Chen have managed to get 3.5 million dollars from the same Sequoia Capital. Six months later, they managed to attract about $ 8 million venture capital investment. Well? Amounts impressive? Ask most writers of this site – that they could make $ 3 million? I think a little more than a chen or Harley. Although, I must say that successful domestic projects will not remain without investment, including venture capital (examples can serve and Yandex and Rambler, and other Internet projects). Especially this is real now, when about innovation, venture funds and investments in our country say more.

And not only say – but they do. What is the conclusion from all of the above can be offered? And here is this: if your Internet project has not yet attracted much attention, if the pace of development of the project are poor and incomes are low – do not rush it throw. Think again, perhaps, it is an idea, but lacked the Investment? And if so – try to find them. How Filo and Yang, as Brin and Page, both Hurley and Chen jh Deaf ps Yes, I almost forgot. Perhaps just one more thing to warn about nothing. In fact, a successful project requires another component. What? – Well, here's see: the idea is, the money it received, and now what? Must somehow this money is wisely spent. So there is this third component – Management or, in other words, Management. It is no accident management in innovative it companies as a rule, entrusted to a professional manager, m, with experience in business administration and in other firms. So, if you plan to develop the project in a serious business, shop managers are already working companies. Maybe they'll eventually come in handy pps to terms such as 'venture capital', 'innovation', etc. become more understandable, recommend to follow the publications of the portal support for innovation 'Innoveyshn' (). By the way, there you can register your team and show your project in the portal directory. Who knows, perhaps it is this step will help you find your investor? ppps The real opportunity for venture capital investment in Russia – taking part in the 'Start' (). Incidentally, in 2007. our project has received support for this program – more than 4 million rubles. on research and development.