Monthly Archives: May 2016

Knight Felix Ramiro

The Knight Felix Ramiro fashion chain starts the year inaugurating its first franchise, specifically in Villarobledo, town located north-west of the province of Albacete. The entrepreneur who has started this new career is Teresa field Felipe, who lives more than 20 years in Villarrobledo, and takes a lifetime in the sector of textile, with an […]

Google Keywords

Continuing with step 2 on how to get a Web positioning on page 1 of Google; This next step is the domain, although it is possible and in fact I have several sites without domain (the client didn’t want to), is recommended to compare a domain related keywords that you want to promote. For example, […]

Italian Peninsula

The real war of Troy from Schliemman, it is possible to glimpse the true story of the war. As the archaeologist believed him, sung by Homer facts are real, yes there was a city called Troy, and also a Mycenaean Greek culture. The difference is in the epic form (very common in the villages of […]

Physical Activity

In the last few decades has increased the number of research having as focus of inquiry practical of the physical activity and the physical exercise and its benefits for the health. Physical activity is all the movement carried through for the body provoked for the contraction of the esqueltica musculatura, causing the increase of energy […]