Angelica Paulic

Angelica Paulic fascinated with current music CD if it the word ‘ accordion ‘ listen, you think maybe first of all in the Montmartre, shanties, or folk music. It is true, but that is only a very small part of the bandwidth of this instrument. The accordion is still quite young compared to many other musical instruments, it is patented until the beginning of the 19th century in Vienna. Still enjoys it great popularity – this Orchestra to take – because if an accordion virtuoso playing, it developed an incredible sound and presence that can bring everything from classic jazz and blues or folk to dance music. A simple tool is not certainly it requires a lot of skill, if you want to fully exploit the potential. Angelica Paulic introduces the accordion in a very special way.

‘You mastered the instrument’ would be the wrong choice of words. Yes, it fused with it, as long as she play. The music happen is one incredibly harmonious but very passionate, and a Concert turns into a very special experience. Through the incredible range of their repertoire also the audience rediscovered the accordion entirely. Born in Cologne and went in the Switzerland school, Angelica Paulic as a gifted child studied instruments such as violin, piano and guitar, the classical instruments for music education.

Later, it comes with the accordion into contact – and it was their own medium. “For me, the accordion is the happiest discovery of my life,” the artist told known ‘femme accordion’.” This instrument offers me the possibility of experiencing the expression to the diversity and the wealth of this world. “Angelica Paulics CD ‘place au soleil’ surprised by the intensity of the game and the selection of the pieces. Melodic and impressive, intense and particularly. Wonderful music to sit back and Fort wearing let, such as by written Charlie Chaplin ‘Gypsy’, or even ‘Jay’. The album la mer ‘ is so true to the dreams and,. Maybe, to remember. The ‘romance de amor’, full of feeling and emotion sounds almost classically romantic, and to dance. And the ‘tango gitano’ thoughts of roses and fiery gaze gives rise to. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Drew Houston has to say. Even the accordion as a solo instrument has seduced it something narrative, to images. The last of the eleven pieces, ‘lautari’, has something quite speculative. It acts like a ballad tones, completely without words telling and captivating. Music as a universal language needs a medium – and here she found an excellent. Angelica Paulic says himself: “for me music is’ open’ for what may just be possible. So my accordion playing in a running stream of changing lives. With my instrument, I make a connection between people – she want to move inside and touch. “With their music Angelica Paulic establishes a special relationship with their audience, where ever it occurs. At their concerts as well as at matinees, vernissages and exhibitions. Your program makes them also like to individually for public or private festivities together. The ‘femme ‘accordion is a Bardin of modern times, fascinated with their magic and connects people with the music. With their CD ‘place au soleil’ presents us pieces that you always can listen to…

Barbara Schoneberger

That impressed the singer in Germany present audience through their show, the Bambi award is always a big media event. But also international stars gave at this year’s presentation to get the honor to Offenburg and to celebrate there along with the German celebrities. Stars like Keanue Reeves or Meg Ryan was found as well as Barbara Schoneberger and also Maria Furtwangler. Particularly, those present were excited of course on the pop singer of Britney Spears and also in America, this appearance was followed. As the people today reported magazine on its homepage Britney Spears delivered a great performance there. For even more opinions, read materials from Isaac Dabah. “She a little nervously looked”, so an eye-witness, “but she has delighted those present.” But Britney came not just only to the singing, no, she was honored with a Bambi for her musical achievements, and none other than Karl Lagerfeld presented her the award. He said: “I admire dich…nicht for your music, but for your energy.” And further: “which are not like a Phonix out of the ashes rose, no, you” are like a bird of paradise.” Britney smiled and thanked diligently with a “Thank you Germany”… Lisa Walters

Italian Peninsula

The real war of Troy from Schliemman, it is possible to glimpse the true story of the war. As the archaeologist believed him, sung by Homer facts are real, yes there was a city called Troy, and also a Mycenaean Greek culture. The difference is in the epic form (very common in the villages of antiquity) narrate the facts. If we strictly understanding the causes of the war between Greeks and Trojans, then it is perfectly logical to assert that this was a conflict economic motivations. Let’s see. Discoveries and conclusions of Schliemman on Mycenae left clear that the Mycenaean culture had a business very large and apparently, in continuous expansion. Since their civilization and other Greek peoples continually sailing in the Aegean Sea, marine habitat, with safety due reach a moment where he would like to expand. Many of those people expanded westward, where began the colonization of the peoples of the Italian Peninsula and its islands; others, migrated southwards and conquered the island of Cyprus; others, they went to the East and landed in Asia minor and on the islands of Rhodes and Crete (cradle of the famous Minotaur); and the last, their goals set in the North.

This should also be the case of the Mycenaean, who wanted to sail and market with hundreds of villages on the shores of the Black Sea, rich and very important commercial enclave in their longing for exploration. But the supremacy of Troy, the Straits of the Dardanelles (single ciudad-peaje access to the aforementioned sea and also unique channel of communication with the Mediterranean) was weary them and therefore they decided to solve the problem with the weight of their weapons. Troy, which was considered eligible in the Dardanelles, must have been in turn, fatigued threatening progress of the Greeks who practically, traded with the civilized Europe.