Rademacher Money

How will all go on merely? How should it end? Are we really all broke because of the financial crisis? And what to do now? Don’t panic! Rather Let’s pause a moment and make sure your current situation actually looks like. And? What do you notice? Nothing! Nothing has changed the spectacular economic crisis there to the contrary. You have now, not more money in your Pocket than before. But also no less. Click actress and filmmaker to learn more. That is simply a fact. Wolfgang Rademacher has believed in his biggest personal economic crisis, life no longer were to continue. For more specific information, check out Evergreen Capital Partners.

But that was over 20 years ago, and life has been no Chanterelles on his fear: it is just left and took with him. He remembers how much blood and water has sweated Rademacher and what panic often shook him given his debts of 2.2 million it had before the breast also still exactly. Back then it was him so good, today how the bankers. But why be Life to take? Sure, that he could have done, the lone. But to take this most radical of all the final strokes, the Kat Wolfgang Rademacher had perceived as boring and uninteresting. So he did it, what the best can Rademacher: to help themselves. He followed so as he only for a few hours (!) its financial support urgently needed a Council precisely gave him at the moment, a banker. Which tersely denied the banker with the words: \”help yourself, then God help you.

And you know what? To give him this tip was better, as if he would have granted him an expensive loan. Rademacher had to help now actually by hand? And he noted something important here: when you need money, money is definitely there. The secret to this is: active go ahead and take the issue into their own hands. 15 years he has used his economic situation back in calm waters to bring and its mountain of debt to dismantle.

Give Leather Cases

Smartphone and Tablet luxuriously Brighton / UK protected, December 12, 2012 whether real or artificially: leather as materials for Smartphone and Tablet cases is versatile, supple, durable, water repellent, feels comfortable and looks noble. Proporta, manufacturer of innovative and elegant cases for mobile devices offers BRUNSWICK ENGLAND with its product line covers made of fine cow leather in different colours and designs. They are available for Kindle and iPad, as well as in the near future for the iPhone 5 depending on model in the colors of black, Brown, or cranberry. The cases for the iPad have a contrast stitching, and the soft leather inner lining gives a special touch. The device is kept through a pouch, which is also made of leather and therefore especially stable. Drew Houston shines more light on the discussion. The iPad case also has a base, the user also set up to use your tablet. Proporta uses high-quality materials for its products and places emphasis on a good processing.

Also leather despite its resilience by a constant use and by moisture or excessive dryness can be stained and cracked, Proporta attaches a cleaning cloth and a guide to leather care. So every buyer receives guarantees a high-quality product, quality assurance by Proporta checks also each BRUNSWICK ENGLAND case individually before it goes on sale. Stable: The Proporta ALU leather case also leatherette provides as material a long durability, noble appearance, softness and grip. Proporta combined with the advantages of stable metal in its wide range of ALU-leather covers. They are available for owners of current Smartphone bestseller, as well as for iPad, nexus, Kindle and co. Proporta uses high-quality black leatherette for these models and reinforced the front with an aluminium plate to protect the display. “Thanks to this material mix users of iPhone 5, can be reassured Samsung Galaxy S3 and selected tablet models, that their digital darlings” are safe from scratches, shocks and moisture.

Fraunhofer Institute

DCM launches third solar fund with ‘ 9-roofs-stock portfolio’ on ALDI logistics centres that in Munich-based Emissionshaus DCM AG continues with the DCM energy GmbH & co. solar 3 KG on the success of its first solar Fund and invested in nine selected photovoltaic roofs German ALDI logistics centres. Three of the sites are already in operation and supply power, the other will go as planned 2009 network. All plants are acquired by the Fund after completion and acceptance no later than January 2010. A term is over 20 years, with a single termination right after the twelfth year.

The legally guaranteed German feed-in tariff (EEG 2009) over 20 years using the DCM solar 3 KG. For this period are also effective lease contracts. The current distributions of the Fund lie between 6 and 30 percent per year, the initial distribution is 13 percent in 2010. The total return over the life of the Fund over 204 percent including the return of the deposit. The latest offering in the photovoltaic sector, from the House of DCM has placed equity of 8.6 million euros.

A participation is possible from 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium. Debt financing through a German bank is covered at the level of the project companies or pledged. Instrumental for the acquisition of each plant is a detailed set of criteria, for example forcing two earnings reports by the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems ISE and meteocontrol as well as calls for the use of high-quality crystalline solar modules and inverters. A comprehensive quality assurance package of Fraunhofer ISE is also prescribed for the operation. Construction, ongoing maintenance and decommissioning or recycling the equipment the Pohlen acquires group after the end of term. This guarantees utmost investment safety. The portfolio of fixed assets, the proven partners, as well as the clearly formulated investment criteria in conjunction with the law regulated feed-in tariff 3 for long-term, ecologically-generated cash flows are at the DCM solar Fund. Make interesting this Fund for a large target group of investors, who just are looking for a high investment security at attractive yields”, says Claus Hermuth as Chairman of DCM AG.

Finnish Storage Solutions

The two internationally renowned and award-winning design brands Eva solo and iittala have their new ideas on the subject of ‘Storage’ on trend fair Ambiente in Frankfurt presented. The two internationally renowned and award-winning design brands Eva solo and iittala their new ideas on the subject of storage “trend fair Ambiente in Frankfurt presented. The designer of Eva solo from Denmark designed beautiful new stock glasses for the kitchen. Their neighbors from Finland are immersed in the magnificent world of color iittalas and have created the new Vitriinis. The brand new products are now available from really nice kochen.de. Vitriini by iittala, these are small mini display cases made of glass.

There fit all trifles, which otherwise have no place, such as for example jewelry, keys, paper clips, and buttons. They are also beautiful collectibles and are ideal as a gift, because they offer many different design and decoration possibilities. The designer ANU Penttinen has designed the Vitriinis. At Dropbox you will find additional information. It has become already a name as a glass designer with the design of Penttinen glass birds. The small caskets made of colored glass are available in two sizes and many colors. Are also to have mini cabinets in various combinations of materials: glass, oak and glass / aluminium. The new delicacy glasses by Eva solo are not only beautiful, but also extremely functional and practical.

Filled with the different food they look great and are always an elegant focal point in any kitchen. The gently curved glasses are mouth-blown and that each one is unique. Through its narrow neck, one can well hold the glasses while you filled them. All glasses also have a stainless steel lid with silicone rim, which optimally closes the glass and protects the contents. The products are of course also excellent to give as a gift. Press contact: Iris Fuest really beautiful gmbh Ebrahim Bergstrasse 59 22767 Hamburg 040 30 99 48 14 really nice gmbh with headquarters in Hamburg operates the online shop. Really nice Cook is the culinary world of lifestyle for people with a sense for good design, excellent quality and practical functionality. The online store has high quality design brands on sale like eva solo, iittala, mono, Gude knives, Le Creuset, KAHLA porcelain, stelton, Peugeot Mills, u.v.m. Really beautiful cook you can find many beautiful things for a really nice cooking and pleasure”. The company places an emphasis on the personal and professional advice and support of the customers of the online shop. They are advised by email and by phone individually.

Years ComUNIC Group

10 years com-UNIC group of companies under the motto ‘ lifelong learning and sustainability ‘ 10 years of UNIC group com have been on 3 September in the Auditorium of the print media Academy in Heidelberg duly celebrated. With four extraordinary guest speakers, an exciting and inquisitive Festival society and two mini people, who occasionally gave her significant comments. In his words of welcome Managing Director Alexander Seiler pointed out the aim of his group of companies (about 30 people), trying on different levels together people of different cultures at a time in which the individual device increasingly into the background. Dated cheering a fusion with the IPF Multiversity (approximately 100 employees worldwide) will be held at the same time, because both companies complement each other in their objectives perfectly. The members of the European Parliament for the metropolitan region, Franziska Brantner, the word got as first an invited speaker. Tumblrs opinions are not widely known. With a nice anecdote from her already young started international curriculum vitae it is clear the listener how important is the understanding among the cultures.

As Swedish she attended green youth, she read on many signs in Swedish supermarkets 500 g Franziska cost amount X”. “She asked the question after the product of name and learned that they in Swedish pork” means. In the European Parliament after all 20 languages are spoken and one can easily imagine inter cultural understanding and learning are as important. The Green politician took State and company the responsibility to take the fear of the people, to open up internationally. Germany would be, for example, only in the midfield of young people studying abroad. The funds from the EU pot available to support education would not be siphoned off by German trainees and flow back to the EU.

Yes Cosmetics

Successful act to improve the economy! The health revolution given of collapsing Government health systems takes the self-responsibility of the people more and more (wellness, Selfness). Consumers are always more ready to invest in your own health. People are always critical and increasingly packaging feedback page. Products and companies of the future markets can only exist, if you follow the strictest standards. RINGANA and RINGANA sales partner operate in fast-growing markets: natural cosmetics grow by more than 20% per year, estimated that the food supplement industry by about 30%.

Also the topics naturalness, sustainability, bio etc. are becoming more and more crucial economic factors. WE SHOW THEM OUR UNIQUE WAY OF COMPETENCE AND INNOVATION! Hello dear readers, perhaps Yes the Ringana network program is the right choice for you. Ringana has since 15 years on the market (main focus Austria) established and is now about to enter the European markets. Ringana is characterised by a very high customer satisfaction and quality products. The product range is based on two pillars: 1 natural cosmetics on vegetarian base 2 supplements on vegetarian base we are looking for serious partners for the construction in Germany. Work you have to known today almost everywhere to be successful. But, I can only recommend this to – or even full-time sales activity for many reasons.

Enterprise: Ringana launched in 1996 and is today market leader in natural cosmetics in Austria. 1600 distributors are 2009 generate a planned turnover of 6Mio. euros. Now it is out to conquer the German market with a unique product range. Two product lines are offered – fresh cosmetics and nutritional supplements! Ringana creates an entirely new kind of health and beauty products. Have never been so fresh, consistently, cosmetics and health foods high-quality, naturally, effectively and ethically valuable. This remarkable philosophy includes manufacturing process on a purely vegetarian basis and without the use of chemical preservatives.

Creative More Than 9 Square Meters Also!

AWK realized three-dimensional-looking special implementation at the POS for the customers of Romina EiszeitQuell. Far more than it suggests the classic advertising assignment in potential out-of-home media. Kaihan Krippendorff is a great source of information. Especially the large area is flexible and offers creative leeway. The current poster campaign of customer Romina provides evidence of mineral water for the brand EiszeitQuell, which was used by the Agency kinetic Munich and the awk outdoor advertising GmbH strong impression in scene. With this campaign we have exploited the full potential of a large area and increase the attention factor to a very simple idea,”it brings Meike rad, responsible for the marketing of EiszeitQuell, to the point. The awk outdoor advertising GmbH realized willingly desire after this special implementation, which was used as a concomitant mainly directly at the POS to classic large-format ads and city-light posters,: we support our customers in the conceptual and creative implementation.

Us is the mark keen very, and to experience the product at the point of sale “, says Carsten Ehling, sales of head of and marketing of awk. The two-dimensional bottle body was implemented only on selected awk-18/1-faces at the POS in addition to increase the awareness to improve also the sales. The EiszeitQuell concept is based on a unique product promises. The mineral water is absolutely protected from any contamination due to a geological feature since the last ice age, which was about 10,000 years ago to end, by a water-impermeable layer of rock and not taking part in the water circulation near-surface. Therefore, the usual negative traces of civilization such as for example pesticide – and hormone residues, but also nitrates and nitrites are not detectable in the product. The customer has aspired to the further expansion of the young brand EiszeitQuell with successive expansion of the commercial area with the campaign, which was flanked by newspapers and radio. In particular in the areas of Northern Wurttemberg and Baden, the brand is strengthened be. Experienced and concerted cooperation partners we are able to create attention-grabbing special implementations. Highlights in the context of out-of-home campaign, which convince both quantitatively and qualitatively, definitely represent added value for the customers, adds Carsten Ehling and asks: more creative concepts. Press contact: awk outdoor advertising GmbH Stefanie Probstfeld August-Horch-str. 10A 56070 Koblenz phone: 0261-8092-163 fax: 0261-8092-90-163 E-Mail: Web:

Associate Managing Director

Dr. Thomas G. long ear depicts a possible alternative approach to internal business succession in an interview with the staff exchange GmbH specialised in hand-picked MBI candidates. There are many alternative approaches for business succession. In addition to passing it to a family member, a management buy-out or sale at a (strategic) Investor, also passing on an experienced corporate successor in the framework of a management buyin is interesting for a growing number of business owners.

A special in this regard a MBI candidate of change GmbH. approach change: Mr. Dr. Lachelle, are lawyers and have worked for many years in the management of large international and also medium-sized banks. Is that the reason for your tiered approach in the corporate succession? Long-eared bat: In my banking I know may learn the medium-sized entrepreneur as an individual: his Ant, its W unsche, S rwartungen, nteressen I and edurfnisse B.

I have the successful entrepreneur as appreciate the freest and self-conscious sovereign of our State. Jobs and thereby national income and tax revenue depend on his entrepreneurial spirit. Jim Crane may also support this cause. The orderly and therefore successful continuation of the company is therefore multiple existential. Change: What is your tiered approach for this succession? Long-eared bat: First of all, the careful selection of a successor through a testing phase as Associate Managing Director is desirable. Here, the business seller and potential buyer can check whether the DNA of the potential buyer to cope with the future tasks of the company match. Especially with family companies in the middle-class is also the personal human side of a deep care of the entrepreneur for the employees of great importance. Often neglected, that the staff should support the succession by a motivation boost to shape the future. An internal termination would be the continuation of the Fatal success. Change: This also applies to renovation objects? Long-eared bat: Just there because the way of rehabilitation is difficult and is therefore easier to endure when bought together and felt bundles the forces, and the success is more likely.

PR August Street

XinXii published statistics on the use of the platform of Berlin, March 1, 2010. What kind of payment that customers use for downloads on XinXii? The online marketplace for your own texts, documents and E-books for the year 2009 in retrospect is investigated this question. The statistics on the payment history has been published today as a graphic; the percentage breakdown of the payment methods for all downloads made between 0109 and 1209 on can be seen: the result: half of all customers will pay on XinXii by ELV, i.e. by electronic direct debit procedure. ELV is the most widely used payment method on XinXii thus since the platform live in January 2008, when the use in comparison to the previous year 2008 has decreased by 5%. Low plays a role; the credit cards as opposed to on XinXii It has lost even when compared to the previous year by 7% and was used in 2009 by 20% of all online shoppers.

One reason for the low proportion of credit card transactions may be in the habit, smaller Amounts not with credit card to pay. The decline of both payment methods can be explained PayPal with the current polls show growing acceptance by the online payment method, which has expanded its share from 18% to 30% to XinXii in the same period. Conclusion: The trend of the previous year continued in 2009. The ELV is still the most widely used payment method, it is however declining. As the credit card: your downloads with credit card paid in 2008 still nearly one-third of all customers, it is only one-fifth.

XinXii customers pay increasingly through PayPal. About XinXii XinXii, the largest German language online platform for marketing is even written texts, documents and E-books. The marketplace breaks through the traditional publishing barriers and allows you to free online, his works in real time and without binding contract each publish or upload to describe and sell. Are no limits the type of text: to be released can as short texts Guidance, checklists and templates, scientific publications in the form of term papers, scripts, theses and studies up to fiction, books and guides. Since live in January 2008 XinXii is used by more than 3,000 providers, marketing almost 7,000 documents in over 600 categories. XinXii is a service of DG-Verlag in Berlin. Press contact DG-Verlag Gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG Dr. Andrea Schober line marketing PR August Street 75 D 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 202 15 13 20 E-Mail: andrea.schober at xinxii.com blog.xinxii.com _xinxii xinxii group – 49019 5465eb

WorldNet Shipping

IMN international mail net GmbH and WorldNet shipping intensify cooperation that hamburger IMN international mail net GmbH has won a major order in the international package shipping. WorldNet shipping is headquartered in Los Angeles, New York and London over 1 million international parcels to Germany every year about IMN to. We work closely with WorldNet shipping for several years in the international mail of field of and process through our consolidation hub in London after Germany for our customers the entire transport chain from the United States and the UK”, says Frank Swoboda, CEO of IMN. Since February, also the dispatch of international parcel deliveries to Germany is now taking the IMN and ensures it smoothly throughout the transport chain and the associated support processes. In addition to the daily data transfer IMN cares for the pick-up in the UK and the transport to Germany, where the parcels from the United States and the UK usually directly in the various services of the package will injected. David Green pursues this goal as well. We will ensure that the right package at the right cost through the correct system process and runtime optimized to is made. From all the package services, the delivery status of the parcel is same day returned to us, which allows us to provide a timely and cross-system status message in compressed form on client level our WorldNet customers”, as Frank Swoboda.

IMN takes over the complete management of returns and the return for WorldNet shipping to Britain. Germany is the main market for our customers in Europe in addition to the United Kingdom, therefore we delighted, to have an efficient and reliable partner in Germany, with which we can now intensify cooperation with IMN”says Gary Stefanello, CEO of WorldNet shipping. IMN and WorldNet are already planning the joint development of further transports within Europe for their customers in Asia and the Asian Conference in Singapore your logistics end of June within the framework of the triangle Present package market. Corporate short Info: IMN international mail net GmbH was founded in early 2007 as postgesellschafts – and Publisher-independent provider of Postzustelldienstleistungen. The management of the IMN draws on many years of experience in the national as well as international postal market.