SEPA Implementation

Short survey examined about two months before the shutdown of existing referral and direct debit procedure SEPA implementation in the Federal Republic with a new survey want ibi research at the University of Regensburg mountain and the Bank-Verlag together with van den already about two months before the shutdown of the national transfer and direct debit schemes determine the Status quo as well as the progress of the transition process on the future binding SEPA scheme. Like in the second survey mid-year survey addressed again businesses of all size classes as well as authorities and clubs. The participation is possible under The explosive subject of payment currently is the abolition of the existing transfer and direct debit schemes by the European legislation on the 1st February 2014. There is no alternative to the then-mandatory SEPA scheme and therefore in particular companies, authorities and associations to strong changes in the domestic and foreign payment transactions must adjust. But: to: To point to the implementation and development of migration in Germany in the face of the ever-shrinking window of time up to the deadline on February 1, 2014. Participation in the survey is possible under survey and the results of the study are available free of charge after the evaluation. Contact: ibi research at the University of Regensburg Robert Torunsky Galgenberg Bergstrasse 25 93053 Regensburg phone: 0941 943-1901 fax: 0941 943-1888 email:.

AMTEX Oil Price

Oil prices will remain stable in the long term and the supply situation is still secured, so the statement of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC). Oil prices could fall even due to inflation slightly. Additional information at Bausch & Lomb supports this article. For the year 2020, OPEC it expects a price of 120 dollars per barrel of oil, which is equivalent to 159 litres. For the year 2035, the worldwide organization already expects a price of 155 dollars. Under an inflation rate was supported by good two per cent, which consider some experts for too low. Behind the OPEC countries which cover currently about 40 percent of global demand as a cartel, see it according to own statements increasingly into competition with other energy sources. Especially gas plays an important role here and could get significantly in recent years. Renewable energy sources play no major role so far.

In a significant shift in demand is now underway: while Europe is on alternative supply and increased wind, solar, biomass and hydropower uses massively increases the demand in the so-called emerging markets such as India and China. It is not to show that the need is determinant in the energy supply for oil in the next two decades by the hand”, according to the experts of the AMTEX oil and gas Inc. In addition, you develop ways to tap existing sources of gas of course permanently. The active in particular in the United States AMTEX oil and gas Inc. could significantly expand their network of connections in the last two decades, to thus provide interesting investment opportunities to investors.

Especially the security, also to make appropriate oil or gas resources is what makes the business. Here, experts assume that the prices could be significantly higher in the future: as more and more investors see the acquisition of an oil or gas source as meaningful flight in tangible assets, which is of course connected with an increase in the prices. Are also unchanged tensions in the Middle East as the reason for price increases called. Finally cannot be predicted today also still, what development emerging countries will be possible and even if OPEC sees hardly any need for action, is it the mentioned prices only assumptions where the price really is in 20 years, will apply.

EQUIVALENZA Now Also In Cologne

Also in the Cologne Neumarkt Galerie EQUIVALENZA now a top modern shop opened equivalenza is a young company with headquarters in Spain approximately 24 months, more than 400 licensed businesses and others in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, England, Northern Ireland, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Poland and some countries of Central America, 90 in Portugal alone. Open perfumes – be sold similar to those of the world’s most famous brands and fragrances – of the highest quality and at an unbeatable price. The long shopping weekend in Cologne formed the framework for the opening of the second German EQUIVALENZA shop: on Friday, November 7, 2013, the doors opened on Saturday and Sunday was the range be met then extensively at an opening ceremony. After the opening of the pilot store in the Rhine-Ruhr Centre in Mulheim an der Ruhr was expected the Cologne shop from the audience has also been eagerly, because the range has convinced the German customers immediately. The viral Effect was already after a few days: satisfied customers recommend EQUIVALENZA and thus provide an ever-growing stock of regular and enthusiastic recommendations. Dynamic expansion international expansion by EQUIVALENZA has developed a highly dynamic: currently 90 in Portugal alone already exist over 400 shops in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, England, Northern Ireland, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia, Poland and some countries of Central America. Also in Germany, interested parties are registered continuously.

Engine for this is the excellent product quality and compelling, transparent brand license concept. Attractive and high quality product range In the inviting, clean and very modern ambience of the new Cologne store – located in the city centre in the Neumarkt located Gallery (ground floor at the entrance to the subway) – allows to browse and discover in peace and quiet. Not only all current EQUIVALENZA perfumes for ladies, gentlemen and children, but also a variety of other interesting fragrance products available: Scents for home, Office or business and scented candles, air freshener and fragrance for the bathroom. Deodorisation round off the extensive pet and tobacco odor. This EQUIVALENZA places greatest value than manufacturer on the quality of raw materials and high-quality workmanship. Innovative lifestyle products that appeal to customers who want a good value for money in addition to high-quality come out. Enthusiasm and then a recommendation is of amazement, this once again confirms the concept of EQUIVALENZA. To advance the expansion in Germany continue to constantly motivated regional developer as well as entrepreneurs as licensee searched and taken under contract. Contact: Peter slept Germany Development Manager Cup Road 9 40476 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 (0) 211 74955941