L-mobile Warehouse Live Event At Asys Automatisierungssysteme

Sulzbach an der Murr, the 28.06.2010 – the asys company group headquartered in Dornstadt near Ulm develops and manufactures, selected visitors were enthusiastic handling, process – and special machines for the electronics and solar industries. Asys experienced a rapid growth in recent years. experience with these questions. Not to slow down this encouraging development, asys introduced the mobile solutions of L-mobile to optimize warehouse processes in 2004. Introducing the mobile solution from L-mobile in the camp may have advantages, 21 decision makers and IT managers from 14 companies of from different sectors could experience it on June 24, 2010 at the home of asys. That more and more companies involved in mobile solutions in the storage and production area with the topic, showed great interest to the many technical questions of the participants of the event. The live event started with a presentation of the asys group by Klaus Bronner (management OEM products, IT). The figures presented by him, data and facts documented the rapid growth of the Company since its inception in June 1992nd asys that manages its resources, has coped with successfully the transformation of the handicraft business into an organized company.

With the mobile storage solution from L-mobile we could continuously improve our warehouse management as in the past years”, reports Klaus Bronner. Werner Ambrosch said following the company presentation (pipe work preparation, part manufacturing, warehouse at asys), what has changed since the introduction of L-mobile warehouse in the warehouse at asys. Through the use of L-mobile have a shortening of the picking times and thus increasing the commissioning services”, Werner Armbrosch is pleased. In Dornstadt m are made on a bearing surface of almost 1400 m daily between 800 and 1,000 bookings in the camp. How easy is the picking of goods with the mobile storage solution from L-mobile, became evident during the tour of the camp. The anticipation of the event participants, to be able to take a look at the warehouses of asys, was clearly is felt – finally the bearing universal also referred to as core or base of a company.