Baltic Sea —-

Topics of issue: Mitvol resigned. Australians throw away tons of food. On the Sun there was a giant outburst. The volcano threatens the unique birds and animals. Environmentalists have prevented Japan’s plans to carry out whaling. Earthquakes in Italy because of the volcano.

—- FocusNote Mitvol resigned … Mitvol resigned. In regions of Russia are days of protection from environmental hazards. European part of Russia is facing shortage of water. In the United States summit was held against bedbugs. Spam contributes to global warming. For the sake of the environment in Finland refuse the disposable diapers, and in Germany prohibit planting genetically corn.

Geologists have revised the date of commencement the oxygen catastrophe. One hundred years later returned to the Baltic Sea sturgeon. Koalas in Japan are suffering from a dangerous retrovirus. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Australians annually emit millions tons of food eaten is not worth more than $ 5 billion annually Australians emit about three million tons of food eaten is not the total amount in excess of $ 5 billion. These figures were cited by the national company ‘FoodWise’. According to company founder and chairman of John Dee, such carelessness can cause serious environmental, social and financial problems … —- On the Sun there was a huge discharge of hot gas from the solar atmosphere in interplanetary space has been thrown a giant fountain of hot gas, whose length is 50 times larger than the diameter of Earth.