Brazilian Education

A knowledge that if intends ample and including, in this direction, would contribute and re-echo positively not only for the bulge of the legal professions, but it would bring significant social reach. The consideraes of Jose Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) important name of the General Education are not neglected by the author, who throughout its work without if forgetting that it searches and the professionalization are demanded demands of the University contemporary rescue the thought of the philosopher and Spanish educator who establish the culture notion as a totality of constructions of the man in society, takes that it to one definitive understanding of its existence and to a load of values that it passes using for guiding if (P. 146). It is conceived, then, the General Education as that one true essence of the university institution capable to transmit the culture, reflecting to the men an ample, to interdisciplinar and humanistic, capable ideal of formation of it to grant the science of the world and the society where they live, having simultaneously this same formation as instrument for advance technician and professional (P. 147). Amongst the several and excellent boarded aspects for the author, the reflection is noteworthy that brought concerning the project of the University of Brasilia, that leaving the traditional format of the professionalizing tradition, had the intention to institute an initial nucleus of general formation, where the justinian codes of the different areas of the knowledge brought the chance to attend a course disciplines basic to all its students, providing true cultural enrichment proposal of accomplishment of the ideal of the Education Generality, fitting the justinian codes central offices, as proper it clarify in them, the basic formation to interdisciplinar and the research, and to the facultieses, the professional formation and technique (P. 167). In this direction, in outcry of Education General as instrument for education legal that allows to constitute reflective professionals of the right most critical and, we brought some of significant aspects boarded and reflected for Fabrizio Marchese in crisis of education legal and possible contributions of education general, concluding that the work if constitutes in an excellent reference for the understanding of the historical evolution of the courses of right in Brazil, as well as for its estruturao in referenciais of this education that they allow it to be a tool of construction of a new formation and, in contribution, also for a new society, alicerada in ethical values humanistic.

Moscow High School

Leaving the familiar classes yesterday for the first time students enter into the world where they no longer have to rely on teachers. But always they are ready for the first independent steps, in particular – for entrance exams and the beginning of training in high school? How and by what criteria to assess the level of this training? And most importantly – what to do to graduate the modern Russian school was really competitive? Truth and myths about cse Post talk about the problems of school education would be appropriate to the use, around which breaks down today as many copies. It is considered that it is the use results reflect the competitiveness of graduates and their willingness to enroll in college. But practice shows that the results are often quite arbitrary. Moreover, testing can play a cruel joke with the student. Supporters use argue that it reduces the level of stress experienced by the child in the exam. I, as a practicing teacher, I can assert that in fact the opposite is true – said Tamara Koshelev, director of the Moscow High School "Trust".

– Children in general are very vulnerable and excitable, but here they get into an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by strangers, where they remain one on one with the tests, and sometimes incorrect. In such an environment and an adult is difficult to gather. Therefore, a bad result ege may be just consequence of a child suffering a stress. " Headmaster believes that a unified state examination should be voluntary, while retaining the student to choose from traditional forms of assessment of their knowledge.

Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer

Sapropel – iloobraznoe natural organic matter, formed by deposition at the bottom of freshwater bodies of dead plants and microorganisms with limited access of oxygen. Formed by natural physical and chemical processes occurring in the water for tens of thousands of years, the composition of sapropels determines its quality and agronomic evaluation, as the raw materials used by mankind as a fertilizer, ieliorantov (rekultivantov) pochvoobrazovateley. Sapropel consists of mineral and organic parts. Depending on the composition of these parts of sapropels is divided into several types: – silica – calcareous mixed type. According to the content of organic matter in sapropels are divided into: – organic (ash content up to 30%) – organo-mineral (ash content 30-50%) – mineral-organic (ash content 50-70%) – saline (ash content 70-85%). Sapropel have a different chemical composition and are widely used as raw material for organic fertilizers for various purposes.

These fertilizers contain complex organic and mineral substances, nitrogen compounds, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, copper, boron, molybdenum and other trace elements. As part of the organic part of sapropel are biologically active substances – humic acids, and vitamins. The most important characteristic of sapropel as Fertilizers – a general level of ash content and the content of silicon, iron, sulfur, carbonates, calcium, acidity, etc. In accordance with this sapropel are used to produce organic, organic and lime fertilizer can be applied in a mixture of manure, various wastes, mineral fertilizers. The mineral part of sapropel, which is the main component of the sapropel fertilizers contain large number of trace elements such as: Co, Mn, Cu, B, Zn, Br, Mo, V, Cr, Be, Ni, Ag, Sn, Pb, As, Ba, Sr, Ti.

Learning Environments

We must create learning environments where we include activities that are compatible with real life. that not everything is theory and the student learns from his student days to see life as it is lived, and with an evolution of consciousness as the play says Gallegos: “create the conditions for the existence of the spirit, the aroma, the shared meaning that makes holistic education to develop” holistic education we want to do “A very important point discussed in this reading and discussed in class face, was the sensibility and clear to me that is fundamental to drive human beings to be free, responsible, generous, compassionate, good family, responsible citizen of the planet and its community and especially happy, which will result one with inner peace and open to diversity, and sensitivity will lead to a v good decision making, so I learned that our responsibility is to transform schools and universities into learning communities. Even Ramon tells us that his group of friends who shared the concept of spirituality became his sangha, or spiritual brothers, turning themselves as they had no authority to order them, making their own decisions. They were talking freely about various spiritual topics. But in 1980 left their homes and established a more formal spiritual community, being a time to summarize, reflect on life, complete with a stage and start another. We must give true importance to the term diversity and learning communities are inclusive of diversity. The holistic community recognizes that reality is different, and uniform education teachers with one method, a single form of assessment, one philosophy, one style of learning, intelligence and Gallegos one says this is absurd in a world very diverse with a variety of perspectives on life.

Environmental Care

Together with the Ministry of Economic Development Ministry of Natural Resources plans to calculate the rate of pay for the harmful effects on the environment the form of emissions or effluents of industrial enterprises. According to Trutnev, flexible interest rates will help convince the company that is more profitable to put in their new equipment than to pay for the damage, which causes environmental among the old. According to the minister, after the approval of the relevant regulations for each enterprise will be given a certain time on a reserve in order to bring production in line with the requirements. Leading World powers are taking more decisive action against climate change June 10 Academy of Sciences of the leading countries, including Russia, the Prime Minister of Japan Yasuo Fukuda as chairman of the summit 'Eight' this year a statement which called on leaders of major powers to take more effective measures against the growing global climate change. Gain insight and clarity with Kaihan Krippendorff. Documents presented on behalf of his colleagues Science Council of Japan President Ichiro Professor Kanazawa.

Statements signed by the heads of academies of science of Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia, USA, France, Germany and Japan, as well as their counterparts from Brazil, India, China, Mexico and South Africa. They are extremely ascertain slow progress in reducing emissions of gases that cause the so-called greenhouse effect. Heads of the leading countries in this regard called for a complex to prepare for the inevitable changes in global climate and provide This assistance to developing countries.

Baltic Sea —-

Topics of issue: Mitvol resigned. Australians throw away tons of food. On the Sun there was a giant outburst. The volcano threatens the unique birds and animals. Environmentalists have prevented Japan’s plans to carry out whaling. Earthquakes in Italy because of the volcano.

—- FocusNote Mitvol resigned … Mitvol resigned. In regions of Russia are days of protection from environmental hazards. European part of Russia is facing shortage of water. In the United States summit was held against bedbugs. Spam contributes to global warming. For the sake of the environment in Finland refuse the disposable diapers, and in Germany prohibit planting genetically corn.

Geologists have revised the date of commencement the oxygen catastrophe. One hundred years later returned to the Baltic Sea sturgeon. Koalas in Japan are suffering from a dangerous retrovirus. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Australians annually emit millions tons of food eaten is not worth more than $ 5 billion annually Australians emit about three million tons of food eaten is not the total amount in excess of $ 5 billion. These figures were cited by the national company ‘FoodWise’. According to company founder and chairman of John Dee, such carelessness can cause serious environmental, social and financial problems … —- On the Sun there was a huge discharge of hot gas from the solar atmosphere in interplanetary space has been thrown a giant fountain of hot gas, whose length is 50 times larger than the diameter of Earth.