Infrared Camera MobIR M8 – Small, Inexpensive, And For Beginners Recommended

With extensive evaluation software for various applications of infrared, the DIAS infrared GmbH of Dresden has a new product in its portfolio. The portable infrared camera MobIR M8 is also aimed at beginners in the infrared measurement technology and professional users. Thermographic construction work, inspection of cabinets or other maintenance of technical facilities, where a non-contact temperature measurement is required are mentioned here as examples. It is a portable device with a weight of only 350 g. The camera is not only small and handy, but has a variety of innovative features. For example, infrared video recordings, as well as a built-in laser to the measurement object marking are up to 30 minutes to add length, the possibility of audio and text comments to an image. MobIR M8 works a microbolometer array with 160 x 120 pixels. It has a measuring range from 20 C to 250 C, which can be extended up to 350 C optional.

The thermal images and pictures of the integrated Visual camera are stored in the internal memory or on a mini-SD card. The user can use many various built-in functions for measurement tasks. He can freely position such as measuring points on the display and set alarms and isotherms.For a software-side evaluation of measurements it is proven software PYROSOFT compact or professional slides. Thus, both offline image editing and measurements are available as online measurements (live image”). Small lightweight MobIR M8. Available only at DIAS infrared with extensive software solution. (Tushar)

Office Viewer

The additional ‘live cam’-function, which is offered exclusively by ViewSonic, makes it possible to transfer pictures from your Smartphone camera users in real time on the projector. The ability to add changes and notes during the presentation, creates an interactive situation in which the audience more involved in what is happening. Data can be transferred at any time wirelessly. This applies both when the projector via LAN cable to a network is connected to, so even though the unit using the optional WPD 100 Wi-Fi dongle is fully Wi-Fi enabled. It is to connect simultaneously up to four PCs and display the contents on a common Splitscreen. This increases the flexibility and the efficiency of the users who are dependent on a multi-screen projection.

The new series of advanced connect projectors from ViewSonic also includes a complete Network control system including Crestron RoomView / AMX and PJ-link management system. This efficient and easy to use software can manage multiple projectors within a network and control. Thus, the costs for maintenance and management. With the integrated USB interface and the Office Viewer the advanced can represent many formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and multimedia files connect projectors, without the need for a PC or laptop. The advanced connect projectors also support the ICOM SIM mode (digital imaging and communication in medicine simulation mode).

This allows the exact representation of also finest shades, which is mainly in the medical sector of great benefit. The ability to represent, for example, x-rays as extremely precise makes the projectors ideal for physicians who need exact figures in their professional life, or even for training purposes. PJD8633ws: This projector is ideal for small class room and in the business sector. The PJD8633ws is an advanced Connect-ultra-short distance projector for direct projection, which uses a larger fish-eye lens to do so. The WXGA DLP PJD8633ws enables wide-screen presentations with a diagonal of 205 cm (81 ‘) at a distance of 64 cm (2.1 ft).