Saudi Arabia

The Russians are everywhere and they should adapt to the environment in which they live or they should return to the motherland. But such as they have a powerful father who has no punches in defending them and invade any contiguous State, with the certainty that nobody You can fight against him, the situation becomes chilling. Russia is not only the world’s second military power, they now became the second largest producer of oil in the world after Saudi Arabia. It has weapons, soldiers and money. When I had no money and listener attending the meetings of the G8, it was a meek little lamb who nodded without question to the big decisions. Now the letters have changed hand.

Its militar-nuclear power has no more rival than the United States. In a nearest scenario, Latin America is undergoing dramatic political changes under the baton and the money of the banana Stalin, who wants to make the subcontinent a copy of the former Soviet Union. The ridiculous Venezuelan already gave their support to Putin, who comes to be as if a child of three years support the champion of weightlifting at the summer Olympics. Beyond the comedy that causes internationally, Chavez has weight on the stunted Latin America. His collaborators govern Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua and Bolivia. It is in the latter that there may be a secession of departments (provinces) East forming the Bolivian Crescent, comprising half of the country. Its inhabitants are mostly cambas, descendants of Spaniards and Creoles in general.

However with the economic boom that benefited the region, hundreds of thousands of collas, descendants of indigenous quechuas and Aymaras moved to their cities. The situation in Bolivia is hot and could result in a physical, political and ethnic separation of La Paz. What will be the position of Brazil and Argentina, which are the countries bordering with the autonomist regions, if there is a landslide? And what will be the attitude that assume the mediolunenses from the ethnic standpoint? Lula has a moderate face when it’s the Brazil, but it is still the same trade unionist extremist in relation to the Southern Cone. He said more than once, that Venezuela never had better President than Chavez. The Kirchner depends and is attributable to the Venezuelan to whom it owes more than one little dress, and Chavez is not going to allow that his Bolivian pawn, Evo Morales, runs out of the richest region in the country and he loses control over the heart of South America. If Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina are to defend Morales, the only one who can save the Crescent of a massacre is United States, which has much more important ingredients to cook in your slow cooker for getting involved in a regional conflict in the South, and you should not fight with Brazil or Argentina.