Natural Laws

It determines that – either for ignorance or incapacity of understanding human being – what if credited to the supernatural nothing more would be of what has left intrinsic to the Natural Laws that conduct the life. To read more click here: Delta Galil. Publishing its studies and constataes in five workmanships, under the pseudonym of Allan Kardec, the illustrious professor knocked down some philosophical-religious concepts had as undisputed its time: 1) yes, exists a cause and an intention for all occurrences of the life, determining, with this, the inexistence of perhaps; the 2) beings are preexisting and surviving to the phenomenon of the death; that is, the death does not exist; 3) we are all immortal beings inhabitants of these realities and in continuous process of perfectioning; 3) yes, the physical world and extra physicist become related, therefore, a being of a world can intervene with the other e, for being inherent to the laws of the nature, the phenomenon nothing has of abnormal person or supernatural. In general rule, this could be the synthesis of the legacy of Kardec to the religious thought contemporary and directed to all the religions it never intended to have followers or to constitute arrogant segments of the absolute truth. The Espiritismo, today, is a consisting, institutionalized religion and has its recital in the innumerable workmanships of Kardec and other complementary workmanships (not only of Chico Xavier). Its practical, derived from this knowledge, is disponibilizadas in what it was stipulated to call of espritas centers. In these places (but, not in all), where if must offer the study of this legacy, and, mainly, if it must practise the charity, one searchs, also, the orientation and the intervention of the world spiritual in aiding to that they go there, as well as all practical the religious ones look for to make, for intermediary of mediators, translators, of these two realities.

Word Man

Therefore, if It loves, It takes care of, watches over, aid and fortifies. Biggest the failure observed in the life of many people is in the fact not to like what they make. This for itself already consists in great damage. When the person loves what she makes, the things leaves well done.

If she feels rewarded, she produces with better quality and if she carries through professionally. At last, she lives happyer. I remember that in one of my trips for the State of the Mato Grosso of the South, one of the tires of the car where we travelled blew up, what in them brought great concern, therefore in that desert road hardly would find a borracheiro. We walk some hours with caution so that the other tire also did not blow up, when, finally we find a gas station. We were direct to would borracharia, a likeable young man, educated and prestativo it took care of in them. When seeing it to work in that one pparently so humble profession, I asked to it if it would like to move for a city, to study and to learn a better profession, when for my astonishment, it answered with joy and serenity: ‘ ‘ Young man, I taste of what I make, feel myself useful and carried through in this work. Mr. already he thought if he did not have a borracheiro this way? ‘ ‘ It was a inesquecvel lesson for me. The happiness of that man was not based on the profession that it played nor in how much it earned and yes, in the service that gave. The people are not few who curse the company who gave to job the profession to them that plays and the way as they daily gain the sustenance for the family.