Quarterly Auction

EP the price of the light raises every year from 2003. This year Tarifa de ltimo Resource is warm a 10%. The sixteenth auction of electricity between the drug dealers in charge to provide the light of Tarifa de ltimo Recurso (TUR), the tariff of effective unique price from the 1 of 2009 July, has been closed with an increase of 9% for the basic term and into a 13% for the energy term, sources of the sector informed. The result of this bids up determines the component of the energy within the formula of revision of the receipt of the light in October. In particular, the rise supposes a pressure of 5.9% on the tariff which they enjoy near 24 million consumers. The price of the energy that is from this bids up has a weight near 50% on the formula of revision of the TUR, whereas the other half corresponds to the electrical tolls, that gather the regulated costs of the system and that the Ministry of Industry has decided to congeal. The TUR accumulates an increase superior to 10% in 2011. In 2010 a 2.6% raised, in 2009 3.5% and in 2008 a 9.08%.

The price of the light comes raising every year from 2003, although only from 2006 (5.28%) it does over the IPC. An auction of 12 rounds In particular, the Cesur auction has lasted 12 rounds and the price has been 57.99 Euros by megavatio hour (0.5 Euros over market OTC of Monday). The equivalent value of the previous auction era 53.2 Euros (price bases of the auction). That was in a term of energy of 78.2, that adding to tolls and commercial margin located the TUR in 177,5. Now the price bases of the auction is 57.99 Euros.

The energy term is of 88,42. The TUR would be in 182,5. The result bids up of it has a weight near 50% on the formula of revision of the TUR, whereas the other half corresponds to the electrical tolls, that gather the regulated costs of the system and that the Ministry of Industry has proposed to congeal. After the auction, Industry has the option to reaffirm itself in its proposal to congeal of the electrical tolls, and so the light would raise a 5.9%, or can reduce this game of regulated costs to maintain the TUR present. This option would avoid an ascent of light for the consumers, but it would aggravate the problem of the tariff deficit. In the previous auction, the energy term get dearer a 2.7%, which, together with the freezing of tolls applied by Industry, brought about an ascent of the 1.5% in the revision of the TUR of July. In March, being useful a reduction in the price the electricity, the Government elevated a 10% the tolls, and so the TUR was congealed. The quarterly ascent of July was added to already applied in January, of 9.8%. Source of the news: The cost of the electricity that will be provided in October raises a 6% in the quarterly auction

Barcelona Passport

Barcelona demanded a communitarian passport to him to clock on and off by the club. It has acquired the communitarian passport of the Republic of the Congo. The FC Barcelona Regal has presented/displayed east Monday to American eaves, with communitarian passport, Charles Judson Wallace (28 years and 2.06 meters of height) like new azulgrana player for the two next seasons. " Very I am moved and I deluded to clock on and off with a club of the European high level and with more than one hundred years of history; a dream for all player who is in Europa" , it has affirmed Wallace. The azulgrana technical director, Joan Creus, are outstanding: " We wanted ' four nato' and we had different options in the market, but Wallace is the one who meets the conditions that we needed. In addition, its experience in the Italian league and the ACB with the Gran Canaria can very be something valioso".

Although Wallace had an agreement with the azulgrana club from towards several weeks, Barcelona demanded a communitarian passport to him, since the two places of American extracomutarios also occupy the Pete Mickeal and Chuck Eidson. On his passport, the new Barcelonist player has commented: " At the end of the past season, when still he was in the Gran Canaria I am called the Albanian federation to know if he were interested in being able to play with them, but was no good communication. Later the proposal arrived to me from the Republic of the Congo so that there the basketball grows and to play with its selection if he is preciso". After the signings of Chuck Eidson, Xavi Rabaseda and Marcelinho Kitchen gardens, Wallace are the fourth incorporation of the azulgrana equipment for the next season. Been born in Atlanta the 31 from December from 1982, American eaves arrive coming from the Gran Canaria, where the last season disputed Liga ACB and the Eurocopa. Wallace played in the NCAA with the University of Princeton between seasons 2001-02 and 2004-05. One graduated in economy and it played 102 parties, in which it had averages of 10.6 points and 4.8 bounces.

It was not chosen in " draft" of the NBA of 2005 and it decided to play in Europe in the rows of the Eisbaeren German Bremerhaven, where it militated seasons 2005-06 and 2006-07. In campaign 2007-08 fich by the Italian Orlandina and in the two following ones militated in the Benetton de Treviso. The past season by the Gran Canaria was fichado, where it disputed 36 parties ACB and eleven of the Eurocopa. In the league ACB, Wallace it mediated of 10.5 points and it captured 6.2 bounces. In the Eurocopa, their numbers were similar with 11.4 points and 5.8 bounces. Source of the news: The Regal Bara presents/displays to Wallace for the two next seasons