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Chi hua hua. Description and features of Chihuahua, or chihuahueno – officially adopted in our country, name of the breed in the Russian Federation Canine. Evergreen Capital Partners has compatible beliefs. The mystery of their origin is hidden deep in the centuries. According to one versions – the chihuahua is the messenger of the distant cosmos, there is a belief about the healing properties of these dogs. The uniqueness of this breed is not only for its tiny size, but also for the fact that she takes all the adversities and the host household itself. Dogs of this breed tend to choose themselves a master, and with other family members maintain friendly relations. Chihuahua hua in Ukraine quite popular breed. In chihuashek strong enough immune system and balanced character.

Chihuahua mature much earlier than many other breeds of dogs, and reach maturity in 10-12 months. Chihuahuas are not typical of many other breeds' sobachego'zapaha and practically do not cause allergy to this situated people. Chihuahua hua in Ukraine is quite easy to acquire. Care for Chihuahua is not complex: long-haired dog need a special comb to comb and smooth– massage brush. Wash Chihuahua hua followed by one every three or four months, and only a special shampoo. After the bath, the dog should be thoroughly wipe or dry the hair dryer. From time to time chihuahua ears should be cleaned with a special cotton swabs means for cleaning the ears.

Too regrown claws should be trimmed special kogterezki. Regularly check your dogs teeth. Like all dwarf breed, Chihuahuas are prone to the formation of tartar, which causes inflammation of the gums. Feeding the Chihuahua: You must determine which diet feeding will be at your dog. You can teach your puppy to a dry feed – it's very convenient, and in addition, dry food contains necessary for growth and proper development of the vitamins and minerals. If you want to feed your baby regular food, you need to add into the diet of vitamins needed for proper development of the puppy. On materials Chihuahua hua in Ukraine


All it deals with a godmother. But dad has to work! And it is very important. That the purchase of a dagger, and all expenses relative to the baptism, dad pays. A very interesting tradition of the church was once a gift from the cross: Silver Spoon, which is conventionally called a "gift to the tooth." This was the first spoonful of baby cutlery, and was used when feeding was administered. With a spoon, too, can dream: to make it to order, with the name or the same prayer, maybe even with a picture of the baby. Now you know how and what is happening.

And, surely, have felt the solemnity of this moment. But the church gifts are part of "obligatory", and as Gifts informal, about them – more. Before you choose a gift, let's think about the child's age. Parents as quickly as possible they want to protect him from bad energy, evil eye and other things. The church does not set specific framework, but most children are baptized on the 9th or 40th day of birth. Although, of course, this is not a hard rule: parents may spend the ceremony when the baby gets older and stronger.

It turns out, the child can be baptized in any age. Why, your persona and plays a significant role: you relatives, close friends who live near or distant neighbors. Let's start with the most important people after the child, godparents. Gift, above all, must be necessary: the beauty of buying directly on the Sacrament you can safely choose a useful and practical gift.

Brazilian Civil Code Mirabela

Contradictorily, the aged one is seen as limited to act in the work market, despite it is made responsible in the home by several and important tasks that degenerate other members, being thus subject, also, to the exploration of the family. However the question if aggravates still more when the aged one if finds to the cares of institutions, or either, when the family does not reveal apt to keep it, when this does not possess ways to collaborate with the family and needs the cares of it. This familiar responsibility stops with the aged one masked and is repassed to the asylums, having for bedding the dominant ideology, that considers more adequate the asylums as local and chemical preparations for the attendance to the aged one, despite the aged one does not perceive it in a similar way and yes, as conviction to the loss of autonomy, as much to define its more important questions how much for simple situations of life as hourly and relative choices to its feeding, sleep, clothes, etc. In this scene, that it is part of the daily one, the aged one loses space, paper and social function. Relegated as the plain one inside of the society, many times considered in the family as ' ' weight-morto' ' , the aged one is installed outside of the family in asylums, having started to be victim of abandonment or indifference, temporary or exactly lifetime, for the family. In Mirabela, who if makes responsible for the shelter to the aged one it is the Home Mother Queen who is a civil association, without lucrative or economic ends, qualifiable as of public interest, legal entity of private law, consisting of indeterminate stated period, in the form foreseen in the Brazilian Civil Code.

In the administrative and operational aspect it is an entity indissoluvelmente tied with the Church Apostlica Catholic. Its administration is exerted by a composed direction of: a president; vice-president; first and according to secretaries, first and according to bursars and a composed fiscal commission of four elect members for private voting. It is of two years the duration of the exercise of the positions, being able to have re-election drawing out the management. The financial resources are proceeding from donations, events, of the municipality and percentage of the retirement of the users. Thirty percent of this retirement is destined to the saving of the user. It was perceived necessity to create an institution of this nature, in the city of Mirabela, when finding aged begging in the streets of the city. The Home Mother Queen functions with capacity to take care of 25 aged in Mirabela and neighboring cities. A time that the Social Service plays role of great importance in