Federal Government

As already mentioned previously, the period of 1990 the 2002 was profcuo in events that had started to mold a new form of the customers if to relate with the Companies. (it sees link for the first part in the end of this text). More conscientious customers of its rights, more informed on the products and more demanding companies and for consequncia are a reality of which she does not have as to escape. If in the period of 1992 the 2002 diverse events alavancaram this change, period 2003 the 2009 consolidated this phenomenon. In this aspect it is important to observe that the customers had started to establish minimum standards of quality and to demand that all follow it to the companies. An example of this phenomenon is that from the disponibilizao, for some companies, of the gratuitous telephonic attendance, the customers had started to demand that the too much companies also disponibilizassem a system of telephonic attendance at no cost, celebrities 0800, what also was object of regulation for the Federal Government, by means of Decree 6523, of July of 2008, that it fixed a series of rules for the attendance to the consumer.

It is added this factor the consolidation of the Internet that to each day disponibiliza new information, new services and chances and sped up of unimaginable form the capacity of communication of the people by means of social nets, blogs and other tools, being possible to share critical information, recommendations and on products and companies of agile and continuous form. Below we relate some facts that certainly are influencing and modifying the form of the customers if to relate with the companies and consolidating this movement: ) the 2004? Federal Decree 5296 that it regulates the attendance for aged and of the other steps. Although many to consider that this act if does not relate to the relationship customer x company are necessary to detach that this Decree established conditions of access to the commercial establishments, defined the priority for the attendance of aged and other people with necessities special, conditions that this segment to each year demands that they are fulfilled of more vehement form and that it changed the form of banks, store and diverse segments if to relate with these customers.

Month Groups

If you said yes to the question above, you are clearly that an aid in this question would be coming well. To revert this situation, he has two exits basically: aumentarquanto money you receive or to diminish its expenses. Since not is tosimples to move its wage, or any other source of prescription in curtoprazo (not to be that you are a member of the house of representatives and that can only increase seusalrio voting), we go to the exit most easy: to diminish the expenditures. For this, the first step is to know its expenses so well, how much the gift that namora you in the show window of shopping. One maneirabem simple of if to make this is to write down all its expenses in umaplanilha or even though in a notebook and to classify them in groups, comoeducao, transport, feeding, diversion, credit card, financings, children, loans, rent, diverse accounts, etc. After to write down and to classify its expenditures, is enough to verify which soos groups with the biggest values.

He will be accurately to these groups quevoc is important to know which its financial cost, that is, how much you this paying in interests and financial expenditures. Knowing this value, it is possible to take the decision to advance parcels. This will diminish its power of consumption in the gift, but it will increase to seupoder of consumption in the medium and long run. Credit card if most you divide of them if it concentrates nestegrupo, is important to evaluate if everything what this being bought realmente necessary. Had not to see the money leaving the pocket, the trend is to spend more in purchases for impulse. Transport evaluates its alternatives, today many companies euniversidades possesss hitchhiking programs what it is expressed grandeeconomia, since the transportation expenses can be divided entreat 5 people, beyond innumerable benefits to the environment.