Profitable Franchises

Today refers to the importance of starting with profitable franchises compared to the need to start a business on their own account and under the risks that this entails. This trend is increasing in the last time especially in Latin American countries looking to expand on the Mainland. Most of the companies are using the franchising model a means of being able to settle in developed countries like United States for legal stay, as well as a form of participation in a sector that provides more than 2 billion dollars to the economy.Only in the United States we find more than nine hundred thousand shops of franchises that provide about 21 million jobs, figures from the International Association of franchises. On the other hand, in Mexico 9 of every 10 franchises they obtained good results in comparison with the traditional companies that have an average of 70% of closures before you get to the second year of life. Markets in Argentina and Brazil are also still very interesting by the growth of the supply and demand and lower legal barriers compared with the countries of the North, stands clothes and sector industry increasing meals in general. It should be noted that United States has the largest number of companies under the franchise of the world model and affects all countries, especially in Mexico and Brazil noted an increase of 12 per cent sustained for the past 2 years according to experts in the field. When investing your money it is important to analyse these new ways of doing business that are gaining broad ground in the market and can be a unique opportunity to obtain yields. Also if you already own an independent brand should know that it has the possibility of expanding through profitable franchises to gain position in the franchising market their businesses and share your model with future investors interested..