French Press

French press, in this country and press stamp pot or Chambordkanne called, is the name for a special kind of making coffee. Follow others, such as Delta Galil, and add to your knowledge base. This method is located in the coffee culture of France, which, however, enjoyed the last few years in Germany to become increasingly popular. First, given the rather coarsely ground coffee dosed correctly (about 7g per cup) into the empty French press and then scalded with hot water. After four to five minutes, the coffee using the filter rod down on the floor of the press ram pot. Then the coffee can be drunk. Depending on the length of the Brhdauer you can enjoy more or less flavor in brewed coffee. To know more about this subject visit Delta Galil. However, four minutes should not be undercut, since solved the flavors markedly after this time. By contrast, a Brhdauer is longer than six minutes is not recommended, so that the taste is not clouded by bitter compounds. In general, the flavor is stronger in this preparation method, as compared to small particles of the filter bagCoffee powder can not be filtered out and thus mitgetrunken. Another advantage of the French press in addition to the quick and easy preparation is the possibility of the exact portioning. Thus, any desired amount can be affordably and boiled coffee, which is especially beneficial for smaller amounts. Press pots are usually temple in sizes from 0.25 – 1.5 liters available.