Botanical Garden

Finally nears the summer and high temperatures. With good weather people go out into the streets in search of lively terraces, Sun and new offers for leisure and culture. The most popular proposals include multiple festivals that premiered this season. Among them is the festival of Jazz in Paris, held in a unique and beautiful setting: the Parc Floral. The Parisians are great lovers of jazz music. After having held the Jazz spring, comes the 17 th Edition of the festival de Jazz de Paris, an outstanding event with years of experience. Thus, all the weekends of June and July we will be the opportunity to enjoy the best concerts of the genre of jazz this editing program brings big artists of jazz, funk and blues.

The Parc Floral is a perfect Botanical Garden ecantador to host this festival. The public sits on the grass and enjoy the music in full fusion with nature. This year pursuing a search of jazz through territoriality and divided tonality in Nations common and in the nature of music. Thus, the best national and international composers carried the city of lights the best themselves. In this way, include countries like Italy or Belgium, cities such as Vienna or some Gypsy trends. Some activities in culture and creating natural spaces will be held parallel to the festival. The most prominent are the storytelling and soundscapes.

And all in a unique environment! The Jazz like it or not, this festival will fascinate you by the magnificence of its landscapes. Outdoor concerts will leave you completely captivated. To make your stay unforgettable, rent apartments in Paris and get carried away by the sound of the music.


Also You can rent a car in the city between 30 and 600 dirhams per day, depending on the season, the type of car and the services that are needed. Accommodation and restaurants there are several hotels, villas and restaurants in the ski station and the people. One of the two main hotels is quite expensive and the other is reasonably affordable. For a modest sum, they may hire the services of a local guide who will take them to a cottage or chalet more authentic and traditional, where you may rent an apartment with different types of services and different prices. Leisure activities in addition to skiing, there are several leisure activities that can be practised during a stay in Oukaimeden. Is you can do trekking and discover the spectacular landscapes that offer the Atlas mountains as well as enjoy a wide variety of birds for lovers of Ornithology, or plants, for botany enthusiasts.

You can also practice fishing in one of the numerous rivers and lakes in the area, where tents, are easily perch and trout. You can also visit some of the most impressive archaeological sites in Morocco, where there are multitude of cave paintings dating back 2100 years B.C. Your visit to Marrakech will be even more exciting if you decide to also enjoy the skiing into the Oukaimeden station. Most of the hotels in Marrakech will help them organize their ski expedition, including transport, accommodation and the material. Also many riads Marrakech will be made available for you to enjoy the most of your stay in the ochre city.