Magic Dinner: Wonders Of The Roof

“Additional dates due to popular demand the magic show the wonders of the roof” premiered last year and has so far always sold out. The first four events were sold out within a short time this autumn/winter already, but for the event on November 27, 2010 and the following dates in December, there are still remaining tickets at the Dorint Hotel: 08 21/59 74-0 reserve quickly, before the coveted tickets for all events are sold out! Exclusive special performances for groups are available on request. Info of host Alexander invites again in 2010 Merk after the success last year in the autumn/winter an enchanting evening on the 34th floor of the Dorint Hotel Tower. Details can be found by clicking Tumblr or emailing the administrator. The guests culinary delights by the chef of the Dorint waiting for hotel and first-class illusions of the Master Magician Alexander Merk. With its over 100 meters of altitude the Dorint Hotel is the tallest building in Augsburg and the 34th floor of the building offers a unique view over the beautiful city of the Fugger. The prospect alone is worth a visit! In this magical place, the guests of miracles from the roof experience”a unique, delicious and magical evening.

Contact with the German master of magic in a comfortable frame of only 33 guests on a table and watch him very carefully on the finger. Right before your eyes, he shows conjuring that will take you to the dreams, because that is finally the motto of Alexander Merk: Dreaming with open eyes. Tip the wonder show of the roof”is the perfect gift to surprise the partner or the partner and together to experience a culinary magical evening. More information:

The Pencil

The boy looked at the grandmother writing a letter. The certain height asked: _ You are writing a history that happened with us? E, by chance is a history on me? _ I am writing on you, is truth. However, more importande of what the words, are the pencil that I am using. It would like that you were as it, when grew. The boy looked at for the pencil, intrigued, and he did not see nothing of special. said: _ But it is equal to all the pencils that vi in all my life! However the grandmother answered: _ Everything I depend on the way as you look at the things.

He has five qualities in it that, if you to obtain to keep them will be, always a person in peace with the world. First quality: You can make great thing, more you do not have to never forget that a Hand exists that guides its steps. This hand we do not call God, and It he must always conduziz it in direction to Its will. Second quality: of time in when I need to stop what I am writing, and to use the pencil sharpener. This makes with that the pencil it suffers a little, but in the end, it he is sharper. Therefore, it knows to support some pains, because will make they it to be a better person. Third quality: the pencil always allows that we use a rubber to erase what it was made a mistake. It understands that to correct a thing that we made something is not necessarily bad, but something important stops keeping in them in the way of justice.

Fourth quality: what it really matters in the pencil is not the wood or its exterior form, more the graphite that is inside. Therefore, always it takes care of of what it happens inside of you. Finally, the fifth quality of the pencil: it always leaves a mark. In the same way, he knows that everything that you to make navida to irar to leave traces, and look for to be conscientious of each action.

Pocket Bad Place For Mobile

Replacedirect study indicates that high temperatures damage the battery a recent study carried out on behalf of ReplaceDirect, indicates that men are less happy with the endurance of your cell phone batteries than women. Drew Houston helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. One of the main explanations is the fact that men often keep their cell phones in your Pocket than women. The high temperatures of the body greatly reduce the performance of a mobile phone. The study showed that 20% of mobile users are bad to moderately satisfied about the battery life of your mobile phone. It is significant in that the number of dissatisfied men (75%) is considerably higher than that of women (25%). The study showed up still that most of the mobile phone users (41%) kept the phone in your pocket.

Another much-used storage place is the handbag (39%). For more information see Drew Houston. In third place comes the jacket (17%). High discontent with the cell phone battery in men can be explained partly as a result, that men your phones in the Insert Pocket as women. But heated on this way the phone on up to 37. Akkuspezialisten long point out that heat is one of the biggest enemies of the batteries: this earlier show wear and tear under influence of heat and can maintain your capacity poorly.

The human body temperature is therefore sufficient enough to make widely non-hazardous chemical reactions in the battery that may adversely affect performance. One consequence of this is a shorter standby time of cell phones. Thanks to storage in handbags, women in this respect reasonable deal with your mobile phones. ReplaceDirect can therefore only recommend men to use a cooler location than the Pocket for cell phones. Furthermore, previous studies have mentioned sterility in connection with the wearing of the phones in your pocket in men. So, there are sufficient reasons to keep, e.g. in the pocket or belt bag his cell phone somewhere else as directly on the body. Klaudija Paunovic


Our music, remembers? How to hear it daqui pra front, if you will not be here of my side to whisper the letter in my ears? Again they will pursue me to the souvenirs. How to run away? How to fight? You age my world. You taught to me to live, to love, to smile. now that in the distance it separates in them, that one without nothing, one cravo without perfume. Again the hope is born.

Not my love. I do not go to give up you, therefore now that the love if installed in my heart and transformed my life, I do not go to leave to run away it. I will be waiting. I know that you will come back. I know that our love still lives.

I landed on water you until when the sun if to put for the last time. We dream. We can have a nightmare. However nobody knows that what sees in dream, it really does not exist. But a thing I believe, you I will come back toward me, I do not only know as!


Insurance Portal hooks to with regard to the occupational pension in the event of an insolvency can be assumed, that the majority of occupational pensions in the context of occupational old-age insurance contracts is covered. The policyholder and premium payer is the employer while the employee of rightful of pension is. This is regardless of how the pension is equipped. There is a bankruptcy protection, which prevents that the occupational pensions in the insolvency estate comes. The whole thing must be settled contractually but facing insolvency. A little tip for all workers: these should in writing ask the personnel Department of the employer if an appropriate insolvency regime in the operational contract of insurance is included. When does this not the case, this is quickly catching up to do. As an employee, one entitled to the insolvency insurance of for occupational retirement provision.

Also the workers should not forget that the occupational pensions from a technical perspective Part of the content is. In addition, there are many insurance contracts, where you in addition has refused as an employee in addition to the part of the employer on additional content to increase the occupational pensions. Learn more information about the topic of retirement and details about the various forms of pension insurance, in is an independent and free Internet portal, the questions around the topic of insurance for families, singles, industrial customers, freelancers, unfavourably etc. answered; James supports all “insurance professionals” (agents, brokers, insurers). While James makes no price comparisons and sells no insurance, because it only involves a knowledge management, which provides objective information.

Digital Terrestrial Television

INTRODUCTION without doubt, television (TV) is one of the most important discoveries in the history of mankind. At Kaihan Krippendorff you will find additional information. Its beginnings are framed in an extended period ranging from late 19th century to the year 1935. But it was not until July 1928 when began to broadcast images explored with a definition of 48 lines with some regularity, this was in the United States. In today’s world of broadcasting technology is located in revolution. The most widespread is currently the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), which offers higher quality in terms of definition of the images. It’s the recording in digital format of the video signal, part of a conversion from analog signal to digital through a process of binary encoding. This doesn’t mean that you’re thinking about a new global step in the evolution of Television: the Digital of high definition Television (HDTV). HDTV promises to be the most important innovation since the introduction of color.

It will provide an image quality close to the film of 35 mm with multichannel sound. Although not let be a utopia for many countries, already some of them such as Japan and the United States, Canada, Spain deployed this technology in some channels; in the case of Japan, this country has been working the HDTV for about 20 years, although he started the emission of signals of this type in 1990. Cuba, though it is a country blocked by more than 45 years, never has ruled out the possibility to develop in accordance with their possibilities. As a result of this interest by the Cuban Government, arises in 2002 the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) first University daughter of the battle of Ideas. Since its inception, the UCI has pursued the goal of being the first Digital City in the country, with this base has worked to provide its students, teachers and workers in general a wide range of computerized services, among them a television system closed for cable, which has contributed so much to the recreation and the recreation, as the development and the quality of the teaching process.


Anyone who likes to read and a lot of time in spent a long time front of the screen or the computer to will realize at some point that his eyes get tired. This fatigue or overload may cause burning or a feeling of dryness in a having make. If this uncomfortable feeling for several days or even weeks drags on, you should consult to ophthalmologist. Often the diagnosis is often “dry eyes”. This is a relatively benign diagnosis, which can be easily solved with the right medicine. As a medicine eye doctor recommends in most cases eye drops.

Most eye drops, in addition to the moistening of the eyes have no other function, there is a prescription to the pharmacy or on the web. But there are a few things that you should pay attention to eye drops and these include the limited durability of eye drops and the correct application. There are different types of eye drops in price and durability differ. The durability is important point in eye drops, as many usually only up to 4 weeks after opening the bottle keep. If there what no extreme need for eye drops, then the pack at the end of the shelf for more than half filled.

Since many drops a price of just over 10 are included, this is of course a nuisance and a waste of money. Therefore, the eye doctor will be asked to drop that act and are stable for a long while. For example, there are so eye drops up to six months shelf life dawned. At alternative is to offer single bottles as well. When the doctor has 2weeks nothing else, then you can still eye drops instilled daily into the affected eye several times. It is for cleanliness to ensure all before: the hands with which the eye is touched, should be as clean as the tip of the dropper bottle, with which the eye drops are instilled in the. The actual trickling is simple. The eyelid with one hand to pull down a little and the other hand, the eye drops into drizzle with. Who has more experience with dry eyes can even assess whether it is just about dry eyes or something more serious. Anyone who is our should rather not go into the pharmacy at random and buy eye drops, but the eye doctor first to get a professional diagnosis. Diagnoses of dry eyes, so when choosing the right eye drops a lot of money saved and the suffering are less resolved within days.

Rademacher Money

How will all go on merely? How should it end? Are we really all broke because of the financial crisis? And what to do now? Don’t panic! Rather Let’s pause a moment and make sure your current situation actually looks like. And? What do you notice? Nothing! Nothing has changed the spectacular economic crisis there to the contrary. You have now, not more money in your Pocket than before. But also no less. Click actress and filmmaker to learn more. That is simply a fact. Wolfgang Rademacher has believed in his biggest personal economic crisis, life no longer were to continue. For more specific information, check out Evergreen Capital Partners.

But that was over 20 years ago, and life has been no Chanterelles on his fear: it is just left and took with him. He remembers how much blood and water has sweated Rademacher and what panic often shook him given his debts of 2.2 million it had before the breast also still exactly. Back then it was him so good, today how the bankers. But why be Life to take? Sure, that he could have done, the lone. But to take this most radical of all the final strokes, the Kat Wolfgang Rademacher had perceived as boring and uninteresting. So he did it, what the best can Rademacher: to help themselves. He followed so as he only for a few hours (!) its financial support urgently needed a Council precisely gave him at the moment, a banker. Which tersely denied the banker with the words: \”help yourself, then God help you.

And you know what? To give him this tip was better, as if he would have granted him an expensive loan. Rademacher had to help now actually by hand? And he noted something important here: when you need money, money is definitely there. The secret to this is: active go ahead and take the issue into their own hands. 15 years he has used his economic situation back in calm waters to bring and its mountain of debt to dismantle.


Come on vacation and feel like at home, does it work? Time out again, heading south. Lake Garda – refreshing blue between olive groves and peaks invites you to active holidays. Especially the region on the northern shore of Lake Garda is known for its young audience that comes to climbing, mountain biking and surfing. And in the evening a cool dip in the sea and then off to the pizzeria or a small bar on the waterfront in Torbole or Riva. Just climber and biker have discovered in the last few years the small medieval village of Arco (3 km north of the Lake).

And who the first time on a balmy summer night, through the olive groves is highly wandered to the Castle knows why people come back. It is an atmosphere that simply fill up with energy one can be. Here in Arco, in this idyllic landscape of the father has become,”Hans-Martin Gotz (theologian, mountaineer, mountain guide, climbing, ex-Manager) settled and rented under the name”guesthouse arco”in two beautifully renovated a total of 16 apartments historic houses. No cold Hotel room where it disappears only to sleep, but where one feels at home holiday homes as soon as one enters them. by J. Smithee

Buy Sporting Goods

More and more sports clothing and especially Tracksuits are ordered online today. Why order online teams and team sportswear really already years in the growth of the Internet and the online shipping trade are specifically. The hands always change a larger number of PCs such as television almost only about the World Wide Web. In addition to the Hifibranche, it is especially the fashion scene that goes with the help of the network on shopping tour. There are advantages with an order in one of the Internet sports shops in particular with the purchase of sportswear. Teams as well as clubs gain a number of advantages when purchasing sports apparel at a sports shop.

The most important benefits when ordering online sporting goods is the price advantage. As well as many other products, there is last but not least sporting goods on the net far more cheaply. More information is housed here: business strategist. This is especially true of large orders for teams such as sports clubs. The discount is determined by the quantities here often. As sportswear is beside the point what sporting goods to the end will be bought. In addition to the Advantage of the price the positive aspect of a better product selection allows an online order for team sporting goods first and foremost. Especially when good sports shops, there is a better selection in presentation suits or Jersey sets, as shown in a local store.

In this context, not only a wider product range is offered, but also a larger selection of manufacturers. Where local businesses usually don’t have a manufacturer for the sportswear, there is an immensely greater choice in an online sports shop normally. In particular for a team order, the range of products it may be essential for satisfying the players. Athletes or sports clubs who are interested a flocking of this sportswear, can also that order over the net. Almost every good sporting goods shipping today offers the option of a flocking. Name and sponsor logos on the presentation suit or a sweatshirt are online in this way. In addition, online can Often separately trained employees at the customers to convince sports shops of the club facilities. In this way can the purchase of sportswear over the Internet open and both clubs and athletes