Criterion accessories unit performs his presence, or at least the possibility of complete fuel tank of large capacity. Thus, the manufacturer initially involves long continuous operation generator set. Another attribute 'klassnosti' – the frequency of oil changes. For high-quality motors this parameter is not less than 100 hours of work. About largely able to tell, and 'internal' engine. For example, if he cylinder walls do not iron, and aluminum, the engine in front of you is not high class. Also, pay attention to the material of the filter (air, fuel, oil).

In simple models, usually using paper therefore, filters require periodic replacement. This unit is an electric generator, in fact, generates an electrical current. Depending on the type of an electric power plant copes better with certain tasks. Single or three-phase generators. Their name derived from the purpose – to nourish the relevant consumers. In this case, a single-phase generators that produce alternating current voltage of 220 V / 50 Hz, can only be connected single-phase loads, whereas a three-phase (380/220 V, 50 Hz) and those, and others (on the dashboard there are appropriate outlets, or Enclosures). With single-phase electric power generators are all more or less clear: the main thing – properly 'Count' of all its customers, to take into account possible problems (eg, high inrush currents) and select the unit with the corresponding actual output. When connected to a three-phase generator three-phase loads of the same situation is similar. But when connected to a three-phase generator phase consumers there is a problem, referred to as' phase imbalance.