Civilization And Inventions

A civilization that dates back 31 centuries before Christ, certainly has a rich history. In fact, many of his discoveries and inventions are used today in many fields of human activity such as makeup, locks and syringes. One of these developments, full of symbols that are eternal to the human soul is the Egyptian tarot. The Egyptian Tarot comes from the very genesis of his religion. The first outlines of the figures that today make up the Egyptian tarot are in the book of Thoth, an Egyptian sacred books. This book is believed to be mythical in its first copy was done in real gold leaf.

He was dedicated to Thoth, the Greek god of writing and languages. Thoth was usually depicted as a squatting man-headed Ibis a “the sacred bird of the Egyptians,” with a scroll in his lap. In this book would be expressed predictions about the future and the passing of time and history. Such is the origin of the Egyptian tarot. Hermes, the Alexandrian scholar, was considered by many to be the reincarnation of the god Thoth, and is believed to be the creator of the Egyptian tarot.

Hermes was the creator of the major arcana, present in his grave stone engraved with the first of what would be the pictures that we know today of the mysteries of the Egyptian tarot. The Book of Thoth is older than the pyramids, and in fact is one of the oldest written documents of record that existed in the history of mankind. It consisted, as the chronicles tell of 78 sheets of pure gold, with the figures of the major and minor arcana, and content was expressed aquello that gives rise to everything else . Thus we see how from the beginning is set to the mysteries of the Egyptian tarot as a means of communication between mortals and deities of the afterlife, the other world that is beyond our earthly realities. Many scholars believe that the word tarot comes from a word meaning Egyptian a the real way. The importance of placing their origins can see how there are elements that transcend the history of civilization, which are eternal, which are present in the psyche of all men, for thousands of years. Therefore, the Egyptian tarot can never be taken as a simple code corresponding to such arcane such meanings, but it is a mystical form that, through the tarotista, the person can perceive what is beyond this world.