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Protected, free, and easy sharing photos Cologne, 20 February 2013. Whether pictures of the holiday with friends, from large weddings, birthday parties, or the dear little ones with dawawas photos of shared moments in the Web, app and on the TV now have a big digital home. So, the memories of unforgettable experiences can be targeted and protected shared with the right people and detained. Patrick Ohler and Fabian Jager, which have already established in the social network of who knows wen.de and successfully sold to RTL are behind dawawas. Now they handle the cloud service for photos at the start of officially dawawas. Don mullen: the source for more info. Thus, they solve a problem before they themselves were: after a skiing holiday with a larger group the many snapshots on the different hard drives and smart phones to vergammelten once again.

As so often, the exchange of memory cards, DVDs, or CDs and shipping huge amounts of data by E-Mail had does not work. A common problem for many people: These days are many common Experiences photographed. These images are rarely targeted exchanged and shared. With dawawas it is possible to collect, Exchange, sharing and comment personal images, simply, securely and everywhere by all devices. There are in addition to the Web platform, apps for the iPhone, all Android powered devices, Windows 8 and for many smart TVs. dawawas Spanish and Italian are available on German, English,. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of pretium partners on most websites. The photos of all those involved can uploaded via the different apps or the laptop in the cloud in common albums and directly by smart, on the computer or with the apps be watched TV. “After much about giving rights to images has been discussed in recent times, the approach to dawawas is a completely other: all rights to the images remain with the users, strictly according to the principle: your data is yours.” Pro Photo album or experience can be decided individually, the pictures will be made available to who.

The default setting for each experience is absolutely privately only invited People can see the images at all. Location of the server is in a German data center. Fabian Jager: Since the very first prototype we have dawawas already tested in the closed trial with several hundred thousand photos of several thousand users on heart and kidney. The enthusiastic feedback from our users has confirmed that we have created a place with dawawas for the wonderful moments from the various points of view of different cameras.” “Patrick Ohler: this is us particularly important that remains private, what is private.” Do you have questions? Karin Rothganger Tel: + 49 (0) 221-630 605 601 more press so it works the explaining video: video of dawawas dawawas is the new photo platform by Fabian Jager and Patrick Ohler, the creators of the social network who knows wen.de. Personal pictures of common experiences can be shared anywhere specifically with dawawas simple manner with other people. Membership at dawawas is free and all rights to the photos remain with the users.