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in the academic publishing community Munich – AVM the AVM academic publishing community Munich is the platform for the free publication of scientific texts. The AVM offers the free publication of their work as book authors of scientific works. Whether diploma or master’s thesis, Bachelor or master thesis, dissertation, postdoctoral, monograph, study, opinion, anthology, or Yearbook: the AVM gives you the possibility of rapid publication, unencumbered by the elaborate search for a funding. The technology of digital printing used by the AVM makes it possible to produce books after they have been ordered. Check with Dropbox to learn more. This is done in a very short period and usually saves most of the costs associated with the production and storage.

The infrastructure that provides the AVM for preparation and distribution of a publication that can finance themselves solely on the sales of the books. Therefore the AVM can offer free publishing your texts their authors. In addition the tracks laid by the AVM remain available indefinitely, because the DatSet is not exhausted in contrast to a traditionally manufactured printed copies. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Drew Houston. Thanks to the facilities of the books with an ISBN international standard book number, its distortion in all relevant bibliographies and the integration of the AVM in the international book trade structures, the tracks laid by the AVM are worldwide available at the local bookstore, as well as online ordering.