Construction Training

For us to fit a different principle of construction of the training process – slowly, slowly, but regularly and purposefully. Training should take place no more than three times a week, and each training session may not exceed 40-45 minutes. Itself workout should consist of 5-7 basic exercises: squats, deadlift, bench press and bench sitting. In the first stage is absolutely excluded aerobic exercise, and and all insulation exercises on separate groups of muscles. Waste of time and effort – to increase muscle mass in a given area, inflate, for example, only the biceps, while ignoring the work with the rest of the muscles. I assure you, you do not succeed, because the nature, always and everywhere striving for harmony, distributes the balance of muscle mass throughout the body and a "beauty>> as a huge inflated biceps in combination with lean feet, it will not be tolerated.

Scientists – the light! And this light is illuminated to me the whole long path to the goal. I read a lot of literature, he tried to understand my questions and how you can better understand the processes that happened to me. It helped me a lot, though, because any deliberate action is always more efficient than the unconscious, not to mention the fact that the resulting knowledge has helped me avoid many foolish and hurtful errors. Plus it's a fascinating lesson on the theme interested me today you can find lots of information – in books, magazines, the Internet. In general, the work of the body based on the principle of balancing.