Masterful Tower

From first hour of the day the calls have followed one another to our cabinet to questions about the search of the ideal companion, and in all the distances it appeared the letter of the enamored ones. This fact is not accidental, but the energy that follows in a distance of tarot is so strong that besides the letters which they leave, we called to the door of our desires and when the letters are thrown from the concentration and the wisdom, without a doubt the results are positive almost always. The letter of the enamored ones with the tarot indicates a desire of the heart, you look for the ideal companion? , you think that what others call love does not seduce you in minimum? , perhaps or still you remember to somebody of the past. In almost all the sessions the people ask to us on this question, and I can name some problems and constellations that always are repeated. The problem number one is the search of a stable pair, or to improve the existing relation.

The letter of the enamored ones, indicates hidden desire of the consulting one perhaps in some place of our unconscious one, and although often indicates that we will find the definitive love, is not necessary to forget, that only with a tarot letter prognoses are not due to do, but will be the distance and the set of all the letters that will say the final result to us. Also we must consider that stops to love or to be loved makes lacking anger, since it can hurt to us when he is not lasting and it signs like a rock, as we had dreamed. From the inheritance and experience of this great wisdom transmitted by generations, I have to be sincere, and deciros that each distance of letters represents for a my enormous satisfaction, without forgetting the responsibility that it brings with himself. To allow an advice me: to enjoy the energy of the love in the form in which it arrives to you, since whenever it is loved it loves for the first time.

Atlanta Georgia

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