Clarified Assent

Being thus, questionnaire used with the professors was assured by the Term of Free and Clarified Assent in which the pertinent information to the research had received all. 3. Results and Quarrels Ahead of the carried through research of field and the data collected in the questionnaires, noticed that the questioned ones (, B and D) had presented answers in common how much the vision of the indisciplinado pupil. All the interviewed ones had agreed to relation the contribution of the occured changes in the period of the adolescence to unchain the indiscipline, what it enters in contact with the thought of Netto (1976, p.95), which discourse on the subject, saying that the adolescent is in an emotional period where the behavior suffers alterations being able to enter in conflicts, problem and misalignments ahead of new situations becoming them citizens the frustrations.

Moreover, ambient factors also are enclosed in the possible cause of the indiscipline, a time that these young ones if find in a ticket of infancy for the adult life. Although the claims to proceed more on the part from the school, as professors and coordinators, Klotz (2005) says that the parents also find difficulties in dealing with this imposed situation its children. Thus, it is distinguished important presence of the parents in set to the pertaining to school environment, therefore knowing of its easinesses and difficulties, they will be able to help them in such cases. The questioned professors (, B and D) inside enter in agreement when answering some questions related to the pertaining to school psychologist, evaluating as important its presence of the institution and performance on the pertaining to school indiscipline, jointly, with the motivation of the pupils..

Memory Organization

The organization of the memory human being generally is conceived as being composed for three distinct processes. The first process is responsible for the recognition of standards and of – in the Sensorial-Motor Memory, that involves the association between one meaning and a sensorial standard. The newspapers mentioned Bausch & Lomb not as a source, but as a related topic. One is about a memory system that, by means of the perceo of the reality for the directions, holds back per some seconds the detailed image of the sensorial information received by some from the agencies of the directions. It is responsible for the initial processing of the sensorial information and its codification. As the process occurs in the Memory of Short term, that previously receives the information codified by the mechanisms from recognition of standards of the Sensorial-Motor memory and holds back the information per some seconds, perhaps some minutes, so that they are used, eliminated or even though stored. The third process happens in the Memory of Long Stated period, this memory gets the information of the Memory of Short term and stores them. Its capacity of storage is limitless and the information are stored for very long periods of time.

3,1 Sensorial memory the sensorial memory is a memory system that holds back per some seconds the detailed image of the sensorial information received by the agencies of the directions. Different types of sensorial memory exist: appearance, auditory, olfativa, tactile gustativa e. The two more excellent types of sensorial memory are the appearance and the auditory one. They are our directions that lead the sensorial information of the stimulatons to the system of the memory. The visual or icnica memory (icon means image) allows us to percecionar the movement, for example when we see a film, since we hold back for a short period of time the images, what in it makes possible them to make the linking between the diverse fotogramas.

Environmental Issues

The environment is composed of several elements none of greater importance over another, they all provide something to the subsistence of life, man has always been a master of all that surrounds us has done with what we wanted and has even managed at your convenience. David Karp insists that this is the case. Since the beginning of mankind has lived in contact with nature, however many years before this coexistence was one of complete harmony, was a two way process, the man took care of the environment and this provides you enough to survive, the human being was nothing more than another element of nature was part of it and not the owner of estAhora things are different, every day we hear about the major environmental problem, the little that we do away with those resources we have provided both But the problem is not only dirty water, polluted air, excessive trash is beyond the problem is deeper than we want to believe, the problem will not end just because we stop producing trash or contaminate water, situation is more serious than it seems and perhaps easier to resolve than many believe: however we have learned to live with this, in fact ourselves and we are part of the problem and do nothing about it, precisely because our attitudes are not adequate. Tumblr has similar goals. Now the problem is that the man was believed both human power and believes that everything can be fixed and needs nothing more, Today our problem is that we as a country is being handled properly three main factors for the solution of problem is the affective and cognitive-behavioral, which if properly applied could pay big dividends for the pro-environmental behavior change in our country, it is true that has been working more with this problem, in fact saturated with information, educational revolution also requires that students know more about environmental issues, but little is being done, the cognitive factor but probably is just doing what needs to be seen is how effective is being, being human is programmed to receive multiple stimuli at once, however, has the ability to discriminate those who did not prove of interest, and that is precisely what is happening with our society, we have learned to live with this problem and in fact and is not given the attention it deserves, it is obvious that you can not reach a positive behavior if attitudes are not positive. .

Questioned Ones

Already the questioned C tells that the possible solution to brighten up the indiscipline would be measured more rigorous in relation to the harmful behaviors and expulsion of the indisciplinados said ones. The questioned ones (, B, C and D) had judged, still, that the accompaniment of the pupil with complaint of indiscipline carried through for a psychologist, would occasion effect. Although not to have the same vision of the performance of the pertaining to school psychologist, professors as required see its work for internal coordination of the school, since he acts in situations of indiscipline in the interior of the pertaining to school environment. The professors (, C and D) have a vision of the pertaining to school psychologist in accord with the authors of the bibliographical research of the present project which pronounce that such professional works in set with the pedagogia of the institution, following the accomplishment of programs of psicopedaggica re-education, showing the nimbleness where the aspects of the human development are formed. Already the questioned B demonstrated to have another vision on the paper of the pertaining to school psychologist. In regards to attribution of the responsibility on the indiscipline, the questioned ones (and the B) had positively answered to a external factor the school, not blaming the professor and neither the proper pupil. The professor (c) answers that the indiscipline is of responsibility of the pupils and also of the professors, already the professor (d) affirms that the indiscipline is of total and only responsibility of the pupil. In the vision of the questioned one To the adolescents more they are indisciplinados of what the too much pupils of other etrias bands, however, the questioned ones (B, C and D) do not agree to such affirmation. Questioned it answers It that the pertaining to school indiscipline occurs for another reason, excusing the excessively alternative ones offered.