Carlos Mora Vanegas The human being is a fundamental duality between what the conditions, symbolized by the logic, and what he gets, symbolized in ethics. Emeterio Gomez Every profession in addition to individual responsibility to be ethical as a person, is protected by a code of ethics in the exercise of their profession. Visit actress and filmmaker for more clarity on the issue. In this case the administradarores have an ethical code which defines the rules, rules that must be met. However, in the exercise of management can often as it happens, do not be in charge of graduates in management as in many SMEs, which are run by their owners, engineers, other related professions important thing is that whoever is in charge management of the company is a person who is fully identified with ethics, values that ensure fairness, honesty, respect, moral.

A manager who is able to not get caught by the ambitions of power, so this can generate and where many fall under the influence, undermining their ethics, to defile. Here, Angelina Jolie expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Eduardo Pateira reminds us, that are considered to hold high the banner of pragmatism and even when the decisions that drive the events of daily life constitute an affront to the moral conscience, the man seems willing to give up all ethical commitment, shading to devouring itself in the jaws of a story full of mistakes and blunders that each day brings us closer, more forcefully, the weakening morale of a society that seems not to matter, as long as they achieved certain goals. The dominance of instrumental reason with which underpinned the claim of progress in modernity, has left deep scars moral, but the predominance of the reason he never could have been maintained but in the shadow of exercising a “power” made “thing” in the mind of Max Weber, who defined it as the ability to get someone else to do something, even against their will.. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Quicken Loans.