AART Fashionchick

Fashionchick impressed extends its shares in the companies Sanoma media with strong national and international growth after a very successful year for Fashionchick to 55%. Already 25% of the shares were part of the media group. Last year, the turnover of Fashionchick (www.fashionchick.de) 32% has risen to, which essentially can be attributed to the international activities in Germany, France, Britain and the United States. The consolidation of market positions in these countries, as well as a further internationalization are the main objectives of the company for this reason in 2013. Fashionchick for this year expected to at least the same level of growth as the year 2012. Fashionchick has developed several new international expansion and innovation in addition to the international expansion.

So the user interface was improved, apps for the iPhone and iPad introduced and new collections of Fashionchick installed pumps and accessories on the market. In addition, a Russian variant was in cooperation with Sanoma media by Fashionchick, Shopicon.ru, developed. Sander ten dam, performance based Director of Sanoma media Netherlands: the increase of our stake in Fashionchick goes hand in hand with our strategy, in the E-Commerce plays a significant role. Click Drew Houston to learn more. Fashionchick is a very successful online platform in the Netherlands, which has proven its scalability in larger countries as well.” AART wallet, co-founder of Fashionchick: The last year was very exciting. The expansion of our concept on the international market and Sanomas support have ensured that we were able to implement our plans into action.

Now we forward, also in the year 2013 together to achieve success.” Fashionchick.de is a concept of the Dutch company search of no. B.V.., which specializes on development and maintenance of Internet platforms for women’s fashion since 2006. (Not to be confused with Jim Crane!). No. search b.v. has set itself the goal, to gather the offer of different Web shops and to present these to the consumer in a clear way, for example, through comprehensive Choices, a clear navigation, interaction with other users and social media integration. The Dutch version of the online shopping community Fashionchick the largest project No. search B.V. has over 700,000 unique visitors per month. Fashionchick also in Germany and France has been represented since November 2011 and a British and an American version of the website were launched recently. On Fashionchick women through clothing, shoes, surfing accessories and cosmetics of all connected online-shops and buy the respective products directly at the shops or save in your virtual closet. Sanoma media Netherlands B.V.. a Finnish public limited company is represented in over 20 European countries belongs to the Sanoma group. Various magazines, consumer media, events, Web sites, mobile sites and apps make Sanoma media to a media group with the largest coverage in the Netherlands. Moreover, Sanoma (67%) together with the partner Talpa (33%) is Owner of the Dutch television station SBS. Sanoma media has an extensive portfolio with over 100 different brands, such as, for example, AutoWeek, Donald Duck, delicious, flow, Kieskeurig.nl (price comparison), Libelle, Margriet, NU.nl (News). The multimedia installation allows the company skilfully the needs of consumers and advertisers to connect.

Eiffel Tower

Representation in Paris – am my first business trip in the world of fashion as so many people who have ever been in Paris, I succumbed to the perfect beauty of this city. In my third semester of studying fashion design, I’ve completed a four-week internship at fashion Enflammer here and had the good fortune to meet people, me pages of Paris, showed how the common tourist gets rare to face them. Of course, I got on the Eiffel Tower and have admired the concentrated splendour of the Champs-elysees. But I’ve seen Paris, how it morning comes to life, when the streets are still wet from the cleaning and the people in the next Boulangerie scurry around a freshly baked baguette for BBs breakfast to buy. I painter and Tertre’m met, cartoonists on the place with acquaintances on culinary discovery tour in smallest brasseries and cafes have gone, where cream simple brulee my true taste Fireworks ignited. There are the many Little things that make it so easy for one to close Paris immediately to the heart and to look forward to the next visit.

At least I’m always so. And yet remain for all the joys that Paris has to offer little time, because I’m here to work. Because I represent my mother on a business trip for the first time, I will give no reason her to regret this decision. After all, I carry the responsibility to order the complete summer collection for our Berlin fashion boutique. And for this reason I am busy in the next two days.

However, much like professional athletes or artists, also I made my hobby into a career. To attend fashion shows and designers to talk to survey collections, is not comparable to a normal office job, which causes a stress in the negative sense. I love what I do, it may not work, or? Graduate or not, my journey brings of course certain obligations to Paris. Next time, my dear friend Clara remains to me nothing but fortunately Finally once again to see. Clara is an independent jewelry and accessory expert and advises many major fashion labels at their shows. Clara also has made her gift to the profession, she had always been the look for the special. Her motto in fashion is simple, she says, there is no perfect dress, but only a perfect overall appearance; and this includes the right jewellery and matching accessories in their opinion. As a small gift I brought a bracelet of rhinestones Swarovski you. I discovered this last week on. In this Internet shop, I regularly order rhinestones Swarovski and unique for my own creations. On my last visit, I noticed that Clara loves wearing jewelry rhinestone stone and what more obvious, to bring you this small joy. Paris and rhinestones tolerated by the way quite wonderful, just think the Eiffel Tower of the Paris flagship par Excellence. If one goes in the dark through the town, and in the distance see this illuminated steel behemoth, can you think just about millions of sparkling rhinestones. Tomorrow, I go to the first of four fashion shows with Clara. Let’s see what there awaits me.

Damiano Angehrn

There is support stockings for over 100 years. Now, Sigvaris brings a whole new collection of support stockings on the market with the LIFESTOCKINGS series. A sock named stockings arouses no enthusiasm among the most: Brown, uncomfortable and the typical attributes, which are said to have these products are anything but fashionable. This actually wrong, because there are a number of socks on the market, which can no longer be distinguished from a conventional hosiery even by professionals. SIGVARIS LIFESTOCKINGS the world market leader for mediznische compression stockings and support stockings of Sigvaris is now bringing a whole new generation stockings to the customer: the LIFESTOCKINGS.

Although very similar to a support stocking the stockings by the effect, the manufacturer has consciously a medical name, to avoid the usual prejudices. The new collection is fashion stockings, which have been awarded with the seal of the CES. The seal stands for “controlled efficacy stockings” and sets close to a controlled effect. No stockings the new Sigvaris socks differ in many points of support stockings: the finest yarn allows a discreet transparency, which was not possible with support stockings! New knitting technique ensures a silky appearance of micro fibre with fine mesh screen and Lycra allow maximum efficiency at simultaneous comfort new staining techniques allow the Brown stockings of the past belong to the stockings were developed and designed in collaboration with fashion experts. With the LIFESTOCKINGS, Sigvaris would mainly attract the younger generation, because vein problems often begin before age 30. For each the right stocking women can choose from three types of stocking, the HIGHLIGHTS are available as short knee-length socks, stump thigh stockings or round to protective tights. There are six colors to choose from for the fashion conscious woman. But also the health-conscious man comes at Sigvaris not too short: with the CITYLIGHT, he receives a modern knee stockings. The ribs look, as well as the three masculine colors make these stockings to the optimum Companion.