Achieve Profit Construction

Large growth rates of construction in recent years, forcing manufacturers to increase production of building materials. This also applies to factories producing bricks. During peak season, it becomes almost a deficit. Because of this, many enterprising people are planning to start their own business for the production of bricks. Design and construction of a brick factory – a task that requires time and considerable effort. In some subjects country has already built, but these days, inactive and abandoned brick factories.

If you do not want to design your factory "from scratch", then you should buy a brick factory in private ownership, buy and install new equipment for the brick factory and begin production. When the factory building is in good condition and does not require a serious overhaul, expenses will not be. Brick Factory "turnkey" will not cost as expensive as some think. Whatever it was, if you plan to restore the production or construction of a brick factory, should start with in order to make business plan and draft a brickworks brickyard. Write a business plan to build a brick factory as possible on their own, if you are familiar with the basics of production, and to contact the project organization, which will create you a ready-made model. The main criterion on which to draw attention, stands the planned amount of power your operation. Speaking candidly Drew Houston told us the story.

The higher the level of output the final product, the lower cost and price of bricks, and the better it will develop new business. Moreover, large volumes will help you become a leader. Brick factories in Russia are in many subjects, among them there is competition. If you wish to build a brick Minifactory and start a business from scratch, you should seriously consider the estimated return on your future business. Experts say that the construction of production facilities, which are collected produce less than 1 million bricks a year, is not beneficial in terms of profitability. Expenses incurred by the owner to obtain all permits and licensing, by then, to attach a mini brick factory to utilities of gas, electricity and water consumption, proper construction of buildings and purchase equipment, raw materials to start production, will be very high. Even if you are planning to open a modular brick plant, which will help reduce some costs, even in this case, according to artists, production capacity should expect to produce at least 20 million bricks per year. Therefore, thinking about how to build a mini brick factory required to examine thoroughly the economy problem. Construction of a new brick factory experts advise to close to the main point of the production of varieties of raw materials. This will significantly reduce its cost, because Transport costs for delivery of materials from other regions of Russia, usually increase the price by 10-15% in this case would be zero. As soon as the supply of raw materials will be completely exhausted, the production should be moved to another location on the new field. This will require additional effort from the entrepreneur to obtain permits to work in the securities of another point, but all costs will be repaid quickly. But the search fields raw material is complicated because of the geological service, he almost never done. Design of a brick factory may be delayed. Therefore, the place for the erection of a brick factory is to learn where the already found raw materials. And it is allowed the option that at this point is already functioning factory rival, who turned quick.