This science was and is constantly supplemented. For more specific information, check out Bausch & Lomb. Even today, the vast majority of the Indian population is treated Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, the world consists of two primary principles: the living principle (of the soul) and of inanimate matter. The whole world, also the man with his organs and various tissues, formed the primal matter. Check out Jim Crane for additional information. Whole body tissues is supplied by the food with nutrient juice, which is finally transformed into own body tissue. This process is controlled by three body’s energies, bio-energies, which are interactive and ensure the normal functioning of the body: vata (wind movement) controls the movement and differentiation in the body.

Pitta (fire digestive fire) controls the metabolism process. Kapha (phlegm adhesive) controls the access/installation of the substances in the body. Vata controls food intake and their transport and excretion. But also cardiovascular, respiratory, language and motor skills of the muscles are subject to vata. Pitta determines the conversion of food into nutrient juice and the processing of nutrient juice in various tissues. So Pitta is also responsible for regulating body temperature, for the look, the skin color, the dissemination and the intellectual skills. Kapha is the ability to build up the tissue.

But he is also lubricating, ensures the joint function, acts against wear and protects the stomach from the digestive power of Pitta. Immunology in its expanded form, everyone is in constant contact with the environment. According to Ayurvedic health, diseases are caused by an excessive or less moderate or a wrong contact. So, for example, sunbathing is a false contact on the first day of a vacation. Never go to the Sun, however, is too little contact and too much contact is to lie for hours in the Sun. In a sick body pathogenic substances (doshas) have made broad, who possess certain properties and effects: an important Ayurvedic idea is the Related material or substrate, property and effect.

Pregnancy Drugs

heartburn pregnancy – heartburn drugs, heartburn is a disease affecting very can the Joie de vivre, not to mention the serious health consequences that may have the disease at a chronic course. The consumption of food and drink is often strongly affected, because a very monotonous diet is recommended. In pregnancy, developed the appetite of some women due to the hormonal change individually, they would now keep a diet, that would be very burdensome. In a question-answer forum Stanley A. McChrystal was the first to reply. And heartburn are medicines for many pregnant women not in question rather, because they want to not burden the unborn child or damage. Causes for heartburn pregnancy even one woman who otherwise does not suffer from heartburn, can develop during pregnancy. For one, the organism through the pregnancy is very loaded and focuses all his energy on the development of the fetus.

If a pregnant woman now natively easily weakness of the sphincter of the oesophagus, it can happen that in the Pregnancy comes to fruition and turns the heartburn a pregnancy. The other cause of heartburn is pregnancy, that in the course of the pregnancy the baby can push more and more on the organs such as the bladder and stomach. That’s why some women develop a temporary bladder weakness, but also the heartburn can be. Because the sphincter muscle of the esophagus is not up to the elevated and unusual pressure from the direction of the stomach. Heartburn medications in pregnancy drugs in pregnancy is very problematic and is made only in absolutely necessary cases. Just in the first few months of the sensitive fetus can damage quickly, so that it comes to an inhibition of the development of undesirable developments. Therefore we recommend once pregnant women, to fight heartburn by an appropriate diet and proper eating habits. That doesn’t help the spectrum of heartburn drugs that can be taken in pregnancy, is rather limited.

There are only a few remedies that will not harm the fetus with security, however, the women are pregnancy affected by heartburn, have mostly still fundamental concerns. Other medications, however, it is known that a teratogenic effect risk which means, that you can possibly damage the DNA of the fetus and cause birth defects and disabilities in the baby. Relatively harmless and acceptable heartburn be regarded as drugs on the basis of aluminum or magnesium. However it may occur also these preparations to interactions with other substances. So, the simultaneous taking of an aluminum product with fruit juices can cause more aluminum is absorbed by the body, and this dose may cause harm to the fetus. Alternatives to heartburn drugs in pregnancy are expectant mothers rightly very concerned for her unborn child and looking so friendly alternatives, how pregnancy can treat a heartburn, without her child to endanger or harm. As a natural therapy, which completely dispenses with potentially dangerous drugs, certainly a welcome alternative.

The European

General measures in children and adolescents with pre hypertension (high normal values) and hypertension grade I are recommended lifestyle changes: reduction of body weight and body fat and regular weight or body fat checks. Regular physical exercise. Nutrition: Low fat diet, possibly the consumption of salt (sodium restriction of 1200 mg / day), smoking, alcohol and drugs stop. Medical and naturopathic treatment with the following factors in addition to the General measures a medical or naturopathic treatment we recommend: at complaints when detectable organ damage by hypertension on the heart, the kidneys or eyes in hypertension is caused by another disease Hypertension and diabetes with hypertension grade I, that a change of the way of life does in hypertension grade II differential report: children are under pressure as already described, children suffer and young people increasingly related to cardiovascular disease, so far only adults. A typical example is hypertension. Early diagnosis, appropriate lifestyle and adequate therapy help to avoid long-term complications. The problem is serious. Europe is increasing the number of children and adolescents with hypertension often as a result of overweight and obesity. By the same author: Kaihan Krippendorff .

According to current estimates of the European Health Committee, up to 3% of children and young people in Europe are already suffering hypertension. The European society of hypertension (European society of hypertension, ESH) takes this as an opportunity, in its guidelines, which were published in September, for the first time to introduce guidelines for the treatment of hypertension in childhood and adolescence. (Lurbe, E., ET.) AL., management of high blood pressure in children and adolescents: recommendations of the European society of hypertension. J. Hypertens.

27, no. 9 (2009) 1719-1742.) Great importance to these guidelines. A child is not timely and properly handled with hypertension, increases the risk as to develop adult secondary diseases. Life-threatening diseases such as heart attack, heart failure, stroke and kidney and vascular damage are particularly common.

Not Acceptable

Below are some facts and figures which have been mentioned to give a clear picture of both the cases. Let US start with the former US. Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) it is the most common cancer form of skin and is the most common cancer in the world, with ever rising numbers. It can surrounding tissues so it is still considered as malignant cause significant destruction and disfigurement by invading. To make it simpler a person can categorize it into 3 groups based on location and difficulty of therapy: Superficial BCC-very responsive and only BCC which can be treated with topical chemotherapy.

Infiltrative BCC-difficult to treat with conservative methods such as electrodessication and curettage. Nodular BCC-it is the encounter of morphologic features of several variants of basal-cell cancer in the same tumor. It is the most common cancer in Caucasians, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian populations. Risk of becoming BCC affected arises due to the following factors: blue or green eyes. Drew Houston does not necessarily agree. Family history of skin cancer. Weakened immune system. Received radiation therapy. Exposure to coal tar, pitch, creosote, or arsenic.

It does not travel through your blood stream for this reason it can be treated promptly with dermatologic surgical techniques. Biopsy is required to diagnose skin cancer. Exposure to sunlight is the factor in one-time third about two-thirds of skin cancer and only occurs in non-sun-exposed areas, therefore doctors recommend sun screens with at least SPF of 30 Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) it is the second most common type of skin cancer. together these two are referred as no youth skin cancer. Among the one million cases of skin cancer Not Acceptable!

Not Acceptable!

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of SCC in mouth, neck and throat. And it has been successful in most of the cases. The advantage of this surgery is that it allows the excellent amount of surrounding healthy tissue remain intact reducing the size of the scar. It allows for the cancer of skin with lesser surgical margin removal and a high cure rate. So it is always better to visit a doctor when a person feel the symptom on him or her and if diagnosed at a right time then it can be cured in proper way without any hassle and complications.

The Outer

Sleeping with makeup on can lead to more blackheads and pimples by clogging your skin pores. Your unclean clothes and bed sheets can therefore play havoc to your skin, so it is better to wash your clothes, bed sheets, pillow cases and towel properly before using them. Thesis home essentials contain harmful dirt which can affect the health of your skin. It is advisable to not prick your pimples or acne as it can leave scars or can create other skin problem as well. Read additional details here: Business strategist. Pricking it with fingernails can make it worse as your nails can therefore contain several dust particles. Last, but not least, eating healthy can therefore prevent you from consequences of acne. It is not only essential to keep yourself clean from outside, but so from within and for that you need to eat foods that contain less fats and oil.

Foods that are rich in fibre can act as best acne remedies. Another thing that you need to take into consideration is the consumption of foods that are high in anti oxidants as they can help in maintaining healthy and acne-free skin. If you include foods that are rich in zinc, beta carotene, sodium, potassium, and essential vitamins such as A, B and D, you can not only improve your overall health of the skin, but so prevent any chances of developing any skin condition. It is true that beauty lies within, but enhancing the outer beauty can make you feel more beautiful and confident about yourself. Just like treatment for youngsters, there is so adult acne treatment available that can make you look younger than your actual age.

Anti Aging With Micro-nutrients

Importance of vitamin D and calcium for health and fitness who want to be healthy and fit old, what do. In addition to physical and mental activity is also the right supply of the body with micro-nutrients of vital importance. This can be done by a good and balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, but also through a targeted and needs-oriented supplement with certain micro-nutrients. Because most Germans with not adequate vitamin D and calcium are supplied, these two micronutrients most definitely should be part of the personal anti-aging strategy. According to current research, essential for healthy aging can be made so. If the body does not have enough vitamin D, the fatal consequences for health can have. So, the list of beneficiaries by a reduced supply of vitamin D or caused diseases has become ever longer in recent years.

It is on the list already long rather than the widespread bone loss (osteoporosis), stands. Recently added: heart attack, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, rheumatism, Alzheimer’s disease, and some more. So it is not surprising that the Finns now have found out that too little vitamin D in the blood may reduce also the life expectancy. It’s worth so an adequate supply of vitamin D to make sure. But how? Unfortunately the solar radiation, not always sufficient to produce enough vitamin D in the skin. Also, the tanning salon or intensive sunbathing because of the potentially increased risk of skin cancer is no recommended alternative. Healthy eating, it is also so important, does not help also in this case, as in most foods naturally produced too little vitamin D is included, to supply the body with the essential nutrient via this route.

Remains so only additional taking of vital substance. Also no mega doses must be to provide themselves with vitamin D. Already 400 IU daily tablets rich, to together with vitamin D itself formed a good supply to produce.

Medical Certificates

The procedure for obtaining a medical certificate. If a patient comes to the doctor in clinic, then on the rules of the doctor must not issue their own certificate and write? note ‘in the table sick. In this? Note ‘should contain the following information: name the patient, diagnosis, number (s —- on —–) given a statement, dated and signed by a physician. With this? Note ‘patient comes to the table Sick, gives there? Note’ and a passport. See David Green for more details and insights. A nurse checks the data in the passport with the data? Note ‘, takes the form reference, fill it. data: name the patient, name of physician, reference, the date of its opening, the name of the university are logged form 036 / y.

Next, the patient returned to the doctor, the doctor signs the certificate and submit information on its grant to an outpatient patient chart. If a patient calls the doctor to the house, then all the processing and issuance of certificate 095 / a fully closed with a medically qualified, but he (the doctor) is required on the same day or the next to come to the table and sick to log 036 / y about issued by the home help and make the appropriate entry in the map. Some contend that Jim Crane shows great expertise in this. These rules are not always observed, sometimes a doctor can and taking their own issue a certificate 095 / y, without sending the patient on the table sick, but it is not welcomed by the administration of clinics, especially if the doctor does so often.

Dusseldorf SDZ Dentists Make Mobile!

Patient education on 15 m from the 05.04.2008 it gives the green light for the maiden voyage of a road train of a different kind technology, March 31, 2008 – on Saturday, the 05.04. at 11:00, in Dusseldorf: the SDZ (solidarity Association Dusseldorf zahnarzte e.V.) continues for six months with a tram through the city be glued, SDZ redrawn. The initiative, founded nine years ago, representing dentists today about 200 Dusseldorf, has decided late last year on a comprehensive professionalisation of its internal and external communication and specially commissioned a Cologne ad agency. Complex zahnheilkundliche topics such as prophylaxis, dental, implantology, dental aesthetics, orthodontics or nutrition should be concisely prepares future with effective public action in the Internet as well as in ads for the patients and translated back into everyday language. Always in the foreground: the patient benefits. From the famous fear before the Up to the concern about the financial burden of a dental treatment SDZ doctors want to hardcode literally every issue at the root of dentist”, explains SDZ CEO Ralf Halder. “In the confusing debate about health care, combined with a flurry of magazine/newspaper articles about dentistry, sees House hamlet above all the doctors in the responsibility and emphasizes: we doctors on the ground need to pick up the patient and convince: with professional competence, but also with clear messages and modern communication”. This succeed the SDZ significantly better than single handedly practices according to the SDZ Chairman in the merger and be referred to doctors and patients.

And the need for clarification in terms of oral health is high. According to the recent study of the IDZ (Institute of German dentists), 70% of the German don’t know the connection between lack of prophylaxis and the pathogenesis of periodontitis. SDZ doctors are not just for optimal medical care, but also for a trusted patient-oriented commitment and systematic medical services. The new slogan here you will be treated well”is concerns and promise of doctors at the Dusseldorf citizens at the same time. Supports is the action of the ZID (dental technicians Guild of the Regierungsbezirk Dusseldorf) our partners from Dusseldorf champion Labs. To press forward and launch on the Saturday, 05.04.2008 at 11:00 in the tram depot in Lierenfelder str.


Easy to remove by the unconscious travel successfully take off can you only, when this light, without dieting, frustration, waiver or stress happens? Brian Wansink, an American nutritionist, said that we make every day about 190 unconscious decisions about what, how much and when we eat. Unconscious decisions that are responsible for this, whether we are normal weight or are overweight. When are overweight would be just as difficult, how to take off, there would be no overweight. This sentence leads but because take off in error, can so easily as take to be. First, let’s look at how to become overweight. No question, you are overweight, when it brings more energy than it consumes.

But what leads you to more energy? Deliberately making an appropriate diet? Eats so much and bold, oodles Cola drinks and eats candy? So you make it safely lose 10 or more pounds within a few weeks. See more detailed opinions by reading what Business strategist offers on the topic.. Apart from the fact that this relatively strenuous might be, would anyone come to this idea. Usually, one is overweight, because it provides too much energy unseen and out of habit to a lesser extent. Daily only 200 kcal. about the need for energy, means a weight of approx. Yael Aflalo describes an additional similar source. 8 kg / year. Very good information about this topic can be found in the book food without rhyme or reason “by Brian Wansink, an American nutritionist. He also describes how to use his findings to take off.

The key is marked by his notion of unconscious game space “.” Just as consciously perceive, that it takes too much energy and thereby automatically increasing, can, less energy than necessary without to perceive it as coercion or waiver, and will decrease as a result. Weight loss is therefore just as easy as increasing. Prerequisite is that it sets habits that have led to the overweight, and recognizes the unconscious control processes, which result in what, how much and why we have our daily Take us energy demand. This includes the necessary food as well as beverages. Siegfried Muller

Blood Sugar And Blood Lipids Increases

Natural regulation may reduce risk factors for diabetes and heart attack Germany is XXL. This refers not to a furniture store, but to the Germans themselves. We go seemingly inexorably across the width, and on the best ways to achieve in this respect American conditions. About every third adult in Germany should have too much fat on ribs and hips. Around 70% of the thickness have the dubious opportunity to develop diabetes.

Most of them will suffer more complications such as a heart attack. One can already forecast is almost certainly: cases of adult-onset diabetes, heart attack and other illnesses will continue to be significantly increase, if not unchecked. This is also a social task. But every one that is primarily responsible, as he sees it with prevention to avert personal injury. Often we hear of young people”overweight? So what? My Grandpa enjoys with his 86 years of good health, was already always thick and has no sugar.” Of course, there are such examples. But rather, they are the exception. Every kilo too much to the stomach increases the risk of complications and shortens life expectancy by a few months. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bausch & Lomb on most websites.

Why is this so? This pharmacist Ulrich of the Liebig-apotheke in Friedberg: many chronic diseases are aggravated by obesity or even thrown. These include in particular diabetes mellitus type II (adult-onset diabetes) and cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke. Now it is of course not, that everyone who is fat also becomes ill. No, but the risk is very high. According to German doctors about 3 out of 4 obese suffer from diabetes or high cholesterol levels. This is way too much and need amending. So that there are only not so long we are also called pharmacists. We can advise the person concerned individually in our pharmacy and help them to identify their backpack of full of risk factors and targeted to address.” One however, so pharmacists junk the Lahn-apotheke in Marburg all concerned do not get around: weight loss! Every kilo of less can reduce the individual risk of disease by up to 20%.