Private Garden

The garden season here we go again! How to design your garden? The temperatures are mild, the Sun is shining again often, the birds begin to Twitter and the mood rises again. It is undeniable: spring is coming and with him galloping up the gardening season! Garden owners can now enjoy, finally out into the fresh air to go and to be able to do it in the garden. The beds must be prepared for the planting in the spring and the stale autumn foliage away raked, the water pipes are turned on again and the wintered plants can finally be mothered. For the upcoming summer season you can worry then already, which highlights one accentuated his garden and makes an extraordinary oasis of peace and relaxation. Maybe with stylish LED lamps? Or a comfortable rattan deck? Rattan furniture are ideal for the garden, because the poly rattan, of which most are rattan garden furniture, is very stable and completely weatherproof.

In addition, there are also a wide range. Evergreen Capital Partners has plenty of information regarding this issue. It doesn’t matter if it is a send rattan Lounger or just purchase a whole seating made of rattan for its terrace want, are the fantasy with no limits. The possibilities in the plant design are particularly beautiful. How would it this year to make the garden a particular motto? Black and white would be in extremely unfavourable. Maybe a cheerful red-and yellow garden with hyacinths, gerberas and tasty strawberries as a fruity note. Maybe you have desire, finally achieving the often dreamed dream of an own garden pond in a part of the garden? To create a natural paradise in the smallest space and a great piece of life for different species. There are certainly many ways to make your own garden. Ultimately everyone is obliged to follow his wishes and his imagination simply. There’s finally no dogma, as has the own garden to look. Katharina Meier

Wood Appears In The Foreground

The furniture trends for this year: more technology, new shapes and strong yellows. Always the natural material wood, which as such even more in the foreground appears. (tdx) The international furniture fair in Cologne is the trend indicator for the new year of the furniture. Trotted out this year, so it seemed at first glance the manufacturer only with smaller changes, but on closer inspection, you discovered a steady development of the trend of recent years. So for example, when the trend topic number one: wood. Wood is the predominant theme in furniture trends in all facets, colours and shapes for years.

After a few years ago were still dark tones, such as walnut, the development went to lighter tones, which were also strongly represented this year. What is striking is primarily handling the manufacturer with the natural material. It furniture are not only produced, the material is more or less celebrated. Origin, natural grain and high quality manufacturing have probably not least gained significantly in importance, “” due to the growing relevance of the themes of ecology “and sustainability”. Increasingly recycled wood furniture are made, for example old ships or wine barrels.

The history of wood in the foreground and makes even more lively and individual wooden furniture. As a result attention is paid when the wood piece of furniture very on details. Very soft curves of chairs and armchairs provide craftsmanship. The seamless continuity of grain is observed especially with clip-on panels and drawers of wooden tables. The surfaces of new furniture pieces are either, as usual, made of wood or high gloss. More and more often seen but rear lacquered matte glass. Colors that call themselves Curry, turmeric or saffron and partly to advance up to a greenish color range lie in the trend. To make color accent points, for example, as a front of dark brown lacquered shelf or as a wooden chair upholstery, this year at the facility.

German Forest Terrace

Tropical wood was widely used as decking. The sale of uncertified tropical timber is prohibited, but from 2013 of the EU. “Permanent wood” offers an alternative to tropical timber. (tdx) Pine forest around the corner as decking in the garden? You can’t! Was not, it should now say. Tropical timber, was such as teak or bangkirai for years as the best patio wood. The sale of tropical Woods from non-certified forests is however prohibited by the EU from 2013. An alternative to the then probably more expensive and tropical timber is already available and comes directly from Germany.

The so-called wood of duration of is produced from local pine and then refined. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Drew Houston by clicking through. The wood soaked it up in the core with wax and is therefore permanently stable, stable and resistant to fungi and humidity. Wood of duration of thus combines the advantages of material of tropical timber with the advantages of production in their own country: eliminates the transport across the oceans and protects the rain forest sustainably. Wood of duration of is exclusively through the Traders sold. There, too, plays a role many traders know the regional origin even the factory and can advise you particularly. Questions about wood of duration of can be quickly answered and special requests quickly fulfilled. By the way, the wood ensures made in Germany”of course jobs. Jim Crane brings even more insight to the discussion.

Also the neighbouring countries of Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Poland now lead the German alternative to tropical wood. Decking from a wax-impregnated wood impress with skid resistance, splinter poverty and lasting durability to the duration of wood 15 years warrants. Floorboards with a completely smooth surface are new, the a ship plank optics”allow, what currently is according to garden and landscape farmers particularly in vogue. For more information about the applications and there are also on the Internet at Tanja Est product details of wood of duration of

Mold Infestation

Janitor service Heike Falk informs the mold infestation of a House represents a real danger to property and health. The Hanau janitor service Heike Falk reports about the cause of this plague reported by property owners and residents. Molds are, in themselves, an absolutely necessary part of the natural cycle of life. Without it would not decompose organic materials and life, as we know it would not exist. However the enthusiasm adheres for this effective form of life existing since millions of years at the latest within limits, if objects of the own household fall a mould to the victim or caused respiratory problems. Molds naturally decompose nearly all organic materials. You are also very frugal: some moisture, a few SOAP particles, books, plasterboard or food, and already the mold grows. In view of the extremely rich food offer, find molds in virtually every modern apartment, is her prosperity primarily from the determines the available moisture.

Human dwellings are also an excellent Habitat. Showers, bathing, cleaning, and cooking enriched the apartment air with water vapor creates a pleasantly humid for fungi growth climate. In addition to these everyday sources of moisture, condensation plays a significant role in the promotion of domestic fungus growth. Building thermal bridges, where warm air meets cold spots, exist within a condensation forms that, if a proper food basis exists, the life demands of a mold fungus is sufficient. Typical thermal bridges can be found at window edges, not sufficiently insulated outer walls or in corners poorly heated rooms.

Molds made of tiny spores that get over the air to any place in the House, there are likely even been there and just waiting to find suitable growth conditions. Hard-to-reach dark corners flourish undisturbed the harmful fungi, here they are scarcely ruffled in their growth. Once mold spores have found a place where they can thrive undisturbed, a mycelium of mold from PILS fibres emerges, that finally developed fruiting body that released new mold spores in the air, to start the cycle of mold growth on the new. An apartment is infested, only seriously molds a simple cleansing no longer sufficient, deal with the problem. Here, experts in mold remediation is required, determine exactly where are the causes of infestation and effectively counteract it. Further questions about the causes and the spread of mold infestation in the home environment at any time gladly answer the Heike Falk Hanauer janitor Service staff.

The New IKEA Catalogue 2011 Is Here

Issue 60 it happens a lot and stayed a lot. (tdx) 60 years old and not a bit quiet, this is the new IKEA catalog 2011. Drew Houston has firm opinions on the matter. 60 years? Yes! In Germany, the catalog is only distributed, more precisely since the opening of the first furniture store in Munich Eching since 1974. The first IKEA catalogue was however in Sweden already in 1951 sent. The initial circulation consisted of at least 250,000 piece and has grown today to over 197 million. A catalogue of furniture was unusual, and even today remains the IKEA catalog something almost unique.

Also because it means a huge effort to create it. First of all, our interior designers collect all information about culture, traditions, values and challenges in 39 countries, in which appears the IKEA catalog. Between October and March, a large team of carpenters and interior designers on 8,000 square meters then designed almost 260 sets in the Photo Studio of IKEA in almhult, Sweden. The result is then detained by 13 photographers in thousands pictures, of which it create eventually 4,000 photos in the current issue. In the past 60 years, there have been many developments, including the IKEA catalog has adapted: the first online version of the catalog was published in 1999, now the entire photography is digitized, and the environmental aspect of a printed publication is years reinforced the focus.

The IKEA catalogue was, for example, the first major publication in color that has been printed on chlorine-free paper. Last year IKEA has the catalog shrink to fit significantly more copies on a pallet. This saves 12% CO2 emissions and reduces water consumption by 17 percent. Today, IKEA works continue to make the catalog even more sustainable. Therefore he is an integral part of the infinite list”, which summarizes the environmental commitment of the IKEA Group and progress documented. Tanja EST