Bonsai Bonsai

It knows some tips of cares that you must have to cultivate a flower Bonsai in its house. To have a flower of Bonsai in house demands some different special cares of that we have with the too much arrangements of flowers. Devotion and patience are essential, to always observe the place where you intend to place its Bonsai, the luminosity, fertilizao and water of the plant. Basic cares to have a Bonsai: How to water a Bonsai? It is basic that the plant has a good irrigation, for this you goes to need a borrifador of water, borrife the water over the plant, this simulates rain on of the plant, this action is basic so that it if develops, does not only make this with the plant displayed to the sun, therefore in this way you will go to burn leves. How to make the pruning of a Bonsai? Two types of pruning exist that you need to make: the pruning of the roots and the pruning of leves. They learn as to make each one: Pruning of the roots: this pruning is the responsible one for leaving the plant to arrive its adult phase and with a small size, it stops this removes the plant of the vase and cut its inferior roots.

Important: Never cut the lateral roots! After the cut, again places the Bonsai in the vase and completes with adubada land. Pruning of leves: this pruning helps to keep the small plant, observes the twigs that possess 10 pairs of leves more than, the ones that will be thus you must reduce and leave in the maximum 5 pairs of leves. Which the correct luminosity for a Bonsai? The majority of the Bonsais needs much luminosity, if you do not make use of a space in varanda to place the plant to receive sun, you can place next to a window. When to season a Bonsai? This type of necessary plant to receive a fertilization between February and October and when it will be to buy seasoning, remembers to buy fertilizers in dust, therefore thus it is more easy of you to control the absorption of the seasoning for the land. Soon, he is enough to have these small cares to guarantee that its Bonsai will be beautiful resistant for much time.

Brazil Environment

The serious ambient problems are caused by the proper economic model adopted by the capitalist system, due to relation of superiority and domain that the man comes keeping on the environment. Of this anthropocentric relation, the environment passed to be degraded, for the deforestation, the incorrect use of the ground, for the exploration of the resources not-renewed, etc. These are some examples that had provoked and provoke this degradation, that direct or indirectly affects the balance of the system, that need these resources for the support of the life in the planet. Valley to the penalty to point out that the ambient principles in the Federal Constitution of 1988 had only recently been enclosed, considering Right Ambient as being a collective good. In this article it was looked to establish a general and historical panorama of the ambient questions in Brazil and the world. In the environment of the cities, they are great, average or small, the school are considered the first one, in many cases, the only one media, transmission of information of the place. This Institution of education is responsible beyond the proper education of the individual as well as for the one of the Society, that is, it is necessary that it has the view of information in this context so that has interconnections between the constituent elements of this relation. The relationship of the humanity with the nature, that had beginning with a minimum of interference in ecosystems, has today culminated in one strong pressure exerted on the natural resources. Currently, the contamination of the water courses, the atmospheric pollution, the devastao of the forests, the indiscriminate hunting and the same reduction are common or faunsticos destruction of the habitat, beyond many other forms of aggression to the environment. Inside of this context, the necessity to change the behavior of the man in relation to the nature is clear, in the direction to promote under a model of sustainable development (process that assures a responsible management of the resources of the form planet to preserve the interests of future generations e, at the same time to take care of the necessities of the current generations), the compatibilizao of practical economic and conservacionistas, with evidentes positive consequences next to the quality of life of all.

Environment Preservations

Much is said on as to preserve the nature and its natural resources you renewed or not, and what it comes immediately in our mind it is the combat to the deforestation, water economy, energy and control of pollution of air. Everything this is correct and is important terms this mentality, but a form exists to preserve the environment that little is knew and commented by the humanity, who is to prevent ‘ ‘ consumismo’ ‘ this practises generally is hidden for behind of the campaigns of marketing and the human desire consuming each time more, without the concern of the real necessity to possess that one or another product, therefore daily we are bombed by innumerable offers tempting of all the types of utilities and products that make in them to buy for impulse. To consume is necessary, therefore we have necessity and is this that puts into motion the economy. Our fight as ambientalistas is not against the consumption and yes the consumerism, that nothing more is that the acquisition of some good or product without terms the real necessity to possess it, what it sends in them to the heading. Ambientalismo versus.

Consumerism. A well typical example of the consequences that the consumerism can bring for the planet is the deforestation. It if of the one in virtue of the disordered growth of the cities, also for the expansion of the cattle agriculture and, the necessity of the plantation of destined trees the cellulose industries among others forms. All these processes would not have forts impacts to the environment, if the amount of trees knocked down for such activities, being that many of them are knocked down by the factor consumerism, was replantado in proportional form in deforested areas already, thus making a balance of sustainable form, balance this that not he is being made for the man currently. Then we go for me the news the result of the unnecessary consumption. For each product manufactured in our planet it causes an extration of substance cousin of the environment, for each extration generates aggression or some type of ambient impact, in the moment where this product already is not more necessary or leaves to have utility for we, has another impact again, the discarding of the same to the environment in garbage form or I inhabit solid. How to fight this badly? Very simple, the wakening of the ecological sense in the people and old common-sense, that if must have at the moment to acquire a product, are very efficient ambient methods of preservation, that they not only make well to the environment, but also to its pocket. It thinks about this!