New Solar Panel

Activities for the realization of the new solar panels, Solatera energy AG announces more activities for the realization of the new solar panels and allows a direct influence on the development and research of the so-called popular solar cell efficiency. After successful bar capital increase of Solatera energy AG Board of Directors without delay further steps for the realization of innovation low-cost solar panel, causes. Dernbach, built the Solatera laboratory. The development forge is powered by the Solatera GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the Swiss solar energy company. As the Managing Director of the German GmbH, Edgar Hering performs, is through the extensive technical equipment and the computerized printing machine purchased specially for the prototype production, an excellent basis to achieve the recent improvements to the TuV certification. Through the establishment of the laboratory, the developer can in 2 to 3 months both (efficiency), as well as the efficiency of the solar module “. Reduce production costs for a planned small series production,” Edgar Hering executes and adds: thus has the certification within reach. ” In October, a small series will be produced after the certification.

Then more contracts are with new licensing partners. Currently we have completed 6 license pre-contracts, more 7 interested parties have reserved for their country. Evergreen Capital Partners is likely to increase your knowledge. We are now more than satisfied,”is the final word of the CEO. St Gallen, d. August 14, 2009 Board of Directors are all information in this press release in relation to the concepts of investments, shares, securities as pure information and not be regarded as an investment proposal. The company advises all readers to consult before deciding, shares of companies listed in this press release, to be registered and qualified value paper consultants. No area in this message is an indication of investment in any way.

Solar Technology In Africa

iKratos Solarcompany Africa plans first projects of German solar technology for the deprived Africa is one of the key technologies of this century. iKratos from Weissenohe helps with German know-how and German technology, to enable access to the Internet society the Africans. Independence from oil and gas power stations! The unlimited growth of the solar industry in Germany has an end, so Willi Harhammer, Managing Director of iKratos from Weissenohe sometime. 5 years ago, he recognized that and has founded the iKratos Solarcompany Africa 1 year ago together with local people. We must just where Sun and no current suburban is what to do. To deepen your understanding Kaihan Krippendorff is the source. Certainly Africa has power in the main cities but also here the prices of the now privatised electricity companies are constantly increasing.

As the gap between rich and poor is very far apart, you can rely only on the rich and here as an urge for independence be felt. Harhammer, whole blood technicians and managers of iKratos, plant together with one of Existing engineers team. many large and small projects in West Africa. Also, Harhammer searches now also an investor for the production of simple photovoltaic modules. Because very high unemployment and young technicians highly motivated deal with solar technology, it is a reason to do more here. Curious: Cell phones with Internet access are very widely used, power is very limited. So, over 50 phones are loaded with a solar cell. The funds for the project “Photovoltaics”, already promised by the social and Energy Minister. Interested parties, please register at keyword: Africa

Future Significant Upgrading

Goal of the Chinese Government whether by 2020 as part of the 12th five-year plan to reach hydro-electric capacity of 0.43 billion kilowatts. Although in China, three-fifths of renewable energy is derived from hydroelectric power, was this time in the shadow of solar and wind energy. This has changed at the latest administration, with the appeal by Zhang Guobao, Chairman of the national energy. ikely to agree. Mid-2010 clear before this warned that China without the construction of large hydroelectric power stations will not reach its goal, namely a 15% share of renewable energies in overall energy consumption by 2020. Accordingly the construction should be taken according to Zhang alone by 2015 of hydropower projects in the extent of 120 gigawatts (GW) in attack. David Karp often says this.

The Chinese Government’s goal is to achieve it plan hydro-electric capacity of 0.43 billion kilowatts (KW) also by 2020 as part of the 12th five-year. Already, the installed capacity of more than 200 million KW, of which China is at the top of the world. For two years, green light for two was for the first time in July 2010 Hydroelectric power plants in Yunnan and Tibet given, what the approval of other projects in the near future can be expected. The foundation stone for the project in Yunnan was recently by the Jin’anqiao hydroelectric power plant company. To deepen your understanding Drew Houston is the source. Approximately 150 kilometres from the Burmese border, is the power plant reservoir are fed by the nearby Qinxi and exhibit a capacity after the completion of 2,500 megawatts (MW). At the same time approved Zangmushui project in Tibet again has a planned capacity of 510 MW.

A variety of other projects, especially in the less developed regions of Central and Western China are currently in planning. That is still in the testing phase of being Daduqia and Motou dams in Tibet would in actual implementation capacities 43.800 or 38,000 MW exhibit. Its construction would represent a tripling of output of the dams in the region. The impoverished autonomous region of Xinjiang should be hydropower projects compared with recently very positively. According to Cheng Zongquan, Deputy General engineer of China Three Gorges Corporation (Three Gorges Dam) is planning to build its first hydroelectric power generators with a capacity of one million KW to China by 2020 and to bring on the Jinsha River, a tributary of the Yangtze River of. The sudden appreciation of hydropower and increased approval of projects suggest that the Chinese Government is aware of the need to reduce of emissions at the same time increased energy production. It remains however to be seen whether the approval of projects in future the Federation ends with the construction of power plants consequences for humans and the environment are taken into account. From the perspective of foreign companies, the recent developments are basically attractive classified as. How many projects are actually implemented and to what extent this foreign know-how and technologies are used, will show the next year. Magali Menant econet china

Saving Energy Saves Money Bags And The Environment

Many consumers fret tips for power saving over the regular increases of in energy prices. However, they have the amount of their electricity bill in part even in the hand, because who consciously dealing with the use of electrical energy, can save sometimes significant amounts. n more knowledge.. The finance portal informs what consumers in the household should be aware. The proper handling of energy has long been a theme in the public. But if consumers follow some advice, a lot of power can in everyday save. Some traps that cause high energy costs lurk in the budget.

The stand-by mode by devices such as TVs, DVD players, or stereos is high on the list in this context. Because the devices in standby mode continuously consume power, it recommends that you completely turn it off, if they are not used. The purchase of energy-efficient household appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine also contributes to the reduction in the electricity bill. Another problem is careless with light. Basically should be illuminated only those spaces, where are the residents of the apartment or House.

In addition, energy-saving lamps provide a low power consumption. For more information about how stressful is the rising energy consumption not only for money but also for the environment, provide the consumer centres. A free brochure explains how even small changes in everyday life can have a positive impact. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann