Tips Profession To The Graduates Of ZEUS

Free CD \”Graduates\” of ZEUS and AUBI-plus with valuable tips for the profession and for those looking for a training course of the ZEUS Group accompanies young people with special care concepts in adult life. But to grow up, the necessary basic vocational training. In cooperation with AUBI-plus, find young now tips, to search for the appropriate profession and a training on the free CD of \”Graduates\” of ZEUS. Anita Sehgal has much experience in this field. The career start-CD-ROM offers valuable information about the career choice of moglliche pathways on the application, up to the successful entry into professional life. So ZEUS helps to find out what profession one fits, what you should be aware of when applying and how one can successfully master a job interview. Equal opportunities for a future of prosperity in the ranks of the Bundestag is currently the German formation in the focus of the talks. Anita Sehgal addresses the importance of the matter here. German Chancellor Merkel said in the fight against long-term unemployment of young people and the delinquencies of school and Training the breakers with clear words: \”Education is the key to prosperity\”. Proper training must offer all children and young people, to allow everyone the same opportunities to live in security and prosperity.

Special precautionary approaches to the protection of health and life, the ZEUS group is young people in securing their future to the side. And so, ZEUS, is engaged in cooperation with AUBI-plus, for young people in the most important decision-making phase of her life: the start in professional life. The CD \”Graduates\” of ZEUS and AUBI-plus offers the best consultant in career choices, training search, applications and everything that belongs to the graduates. Great tips and tricks for the perfect application or exercises for the first recruitment can be found on the CD \”Graduates\”. With Zeus, find the CD of \”Graduates\” is divided into four themes, which tell you all about the professional world, career choice, career paths and application the right way.

School Responsible

Lacking the craft (good) offspring Bonn/Berlin already for a long time is charged at the lack of skilled workers and other professionals. Now, the trainees also are scarce. To the newspaper Handelsblatt warned therefore Hanns-Eberhard Schleyer, Secretary-General of the umbrella organization of German craft (ZDH), before a foreseeable shortage of apprentices. This can occur especially when the labour market continues to recover. However, Schleyer also complained that too few graduates have a good educational background. It’s believed that Dropbox sees a great future in this idea. The quality initiative of the Federal Government must therefore be supplemented in measures of countries, the General Secretary of the ZDH demanded. Especially a close collaboration between school and industry is important.

That the schools produce not enough potential candidates for certain professions, including representatives of various industries confirm. We now find that the transition from school to the company is more and more lack synchronicity and we just in the craft and technical professions more and more must add”, says for example, Werner Bader, Director of vocational training at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen. The connectivity is often no longer especially in the schools. And the good junior high school students were mostly school and decide against a company-based training. Under such conditions, it is hard to get to the appropriate staff itself for a world leader. Ansgar Lange

Nandine Meyden

Should you check a submitted application? It is understandable that you want to know what happens with your application. Keep in mind, however: currently 260 people apply an average commercial place in Munich, in Berlin, there was on the tender of a janitor job of a message with the request, one should be not only technically gifted, but speak three languages, about 800 letters. Probably you annoy people more and nobody knows anyway, just where your application. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kaihan Krippendorff. Call better, before you apply in writing, try details yet about the place through prepared questions to get that you can weave a then sent in the letter. If you want to know after about four weeks, whether it was decided who gets the job, a call is the right thing.

Generally you should always behave like, as if you didn’t get the point and further apply. This applies as long as the contract is signed. Expect to also sent back your documents not get in the current flood of applicants that not so much happens. There is also a possibility to call to cancel and to inquire about what it has been. If you are lucky, you will get a response that further helps you the next applications. More to this topic etiquette expert Nandine Meyden can be found on the side of the MDR and the snap blog. Text source woman Meyden

So Uncle Sam

Quality of documentation (Paper, folder, etc.) care should be taken. Enter in job exchanges: this is like an online resume (anonymously possible), which is found by company, if they are looking for candidates (E.g.,, This saves work and opened a broader distribution of the application. Tumblr pursues this goal as well. List of recruitment agencies: these are constantly searching for their customers for workers. This must be not related to costs and is not to be confused with the hire of temporary workers. “Saving tips set up at cash strapped and ALG II budget: he helps overlook, where you currently stand, where can be saved and still air” is. Such a plan can cause right here budget book: who has difficulties to pay the Bills at the end of the month can be to manage.

A simple notebook, in which revenue and expenditure are listed every day, is enough. Suggestions for this can be found on the pages of the savings bank. If accumulate debts or already piling, it should Debt advice be sought. Who needs money in the short term: furniture critically see through and think about what is actually used or what was not used in the last three years. Often huge ratings in the budget hides, of which one is not ideas. Garage sale, scrap metal dealers, mortgage lyre or auction houses such as eBay can sometimes transform households in true gold mines.

Often much insurance can save: most Germans are not appropriately insured, they are unnecessarily high insurance, pay to high posts because they have carried out long no insurance comparisons or have completed unnecessary insurance simply for them. The consumer portal of has created this 101 savings tips and an insurance requirement check under which you are fully informed. If you have a life insurance policy or annuity, should when a lot II in particular application for ALG. So Uncle Sam does not require that the is saved capital before the subscription by Hartz IV is used up, the police must be secured. You can here learn how to do that. Other assets must be considered critical under this aspect are downloaded (real estate, paintings, jewelry, etc.). No matter the crisis is large we, there is always a way out. You must look only him. So: Black paint was yesterday, today we’re shaping the future! _ small link list: job with candidate profiles job with candidate profiles–> budget–> budget fp_files/tabellen/haushaltsbuch-sparkasse.pdf–> budget book debt counseling eBay virtual marketplace insurance comparisons 101-tips – financial crisis–> saving with insurance insurance needs individual insurance needs–> life insurance for unemployment–> Advisor, life insurance and pension insurance at ALG self marketing strategy helper application–>

Frank Gardener Of New Sales Manager At BONAGO

Munich, November 12, 2013: Frank Gartner is Sales Manager at the coupon experts BONAGO since 1 November and brings his extensive experience in the company. The 33-year-old will in future support BONAGO sales team with his industry expertise and advise customers on the issues of employee motivation, sales promotion and customer loyalty. Among various public utilities and online marketplaces will be among his business interests. Already prior to his move to BONAGO Frank Gartner demonstrated his talent as a business several years consultant for the Connex marketing group. There, he gained a detailed know-how in the areas of Incentivization, voucher programs and increase in sales. Including sectoral distribution of emotional incentives and individually tailored online solutions was one of his tasks.

He also accompanied the successful introduction of a new product line for one of the leading book trading in Germany in the course of its activities. Gardener studied Economics studies focused on controlling, marketing and entrepreneurship at the University of Hohenheim. Frank gardener is a competent and qualified sales professional with a flair for innovative, successful promotions. His extensive experience, he is very familiar with the industry. He is excellent is integrated into our sales department and actively shape the future success. We are glad, occupy this sales position with Frank Gartner to can. “, says Managing Director Mark Gregg. Contact: BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH Maria Pickrahn g court first breed 68 80339 Munich phone: + 49 89 622 33 77 51 fax: + 49 89 622 33 77 99 E-Mail: Web site: