Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is a thin membrane that covers the front part of the eye.This can also be referred as having irritated eyes, which is a very common type of eye problem.Conjunctivitis can be contagious come one person to another with a visual contact direct.Environment of Earth, unsanitary living conditions, overcrowding are some of the reasons, which can give birth to conjunctivitis.Redness, itching, watery eyes are some of the symptoms that show that it is possible that this infection. However, to cope with this ailment can simply adopt some natural remedies for conjunctivitis.Natural remedies are a type of method to cure any kind of disease as it used to be in the early years of gold.Treatment natural remedy has several types, commonly referred to as naturopathy, nature cures and natural products.Natural resources are composed of several natural methods or ways to cure any type of diseases, including the cure of conjunctivitis.The style of treatment with natural remedy is essentially avoid that ordinary drugs which are created by the mixture of several chemical compounds.But it is not possible to cure any disease by adopting any kind of natural remedies, there is no specific type or method of input of natural resources.There are several types of diseases as headache cold, fireplace, acne, indigestion that can be cured by the common natural remedies or another disease such as dry skin, jaundice, conjunctivitis, pain in the joints, care of hair, bursitis, and many can also be cured by certain natural resources. Thus, in the case of natural remedies to cure conjunctivitis, there is something interesting, simple and useful, and you can do it at home as follows:-the combination of juice of Indian gooseberry, the merger with honey is very beneficial for conjunctivitis.A cup of juice of this impressive You must be consumed with two oh honey spoon twice in one day to see the first results. -Vitamin C promotes the healing of disease in a very short period of time.On the other hand, vitamin C2-6, 000 mg, should be divided into doses and take daily. Daniel Gilbert is a great source of information. -Once in a day, prepare a poultice with grated raw red potatoes and grated Apple and place it in your eyes closed.Leave it for almost half an hour and within a few days or at most of the three days that the ailment will vanish completely. -Make Chamomile tea, keep it in fridge or cool to room temperature, and then use to wash your eyes twice a day until the infection is cured. See more detailed opinions by reading what Yael Aflalo offers on the topic..

-Cooking with 60 ml of water and a pinch of coriander is another eyewash in circulation during the conjunctivitis.This washing of eyes eye wash relieves eyes of burning, pain and inflammation. -Goat milk yogurt can also help eliminate annoying itching in the eyes.Apply poultice of yogurt a day in the infected eyes. Also, remember to always wash your hands through the eyes of an antiseptic SOAP, and use a separate towel to prevent the spread of infection. If you have this problem or some other relative to the vision and want to find a quick cure, natural came to the right place just follow this link to continue reading more and find an easy solution.