Information About Thailand

What attracts the Kingdom of Thailand who like to travel around the world? Even regular fans of this place is not in a position to say why they returned to Thailand. Speaking candidly actress and filmmaker told us the story. Some arrive from the hot sun, and someone flies to Southeast Asia because of the clean sea. Undoubtedly the glory of Thailand as the best place for sex tourism, is yielding results in the flow of tourists to this country. Should not be discounted that in Thailand there are a great many nature-conservation parks in which both our time and there are wild elephants. In addition, in Southeast Asia appears unusual for people from Evropyflora. In addition to the extraordinary beaches, the kingdom of Thailand has a large number of cultural facilities. But the most expensive wealth are themselves residents of Thailand, which are cute and welcoming. Modern Siam divided into 4 districts.

The western part of the country washed by the Andaman Sea, eastern part – the Gulf of Siam. Andaman Sea, fabulously rich in marine fauna. This fact attracts scuba divers from around the world. An incredible underwater world can not leave indifferent to divers. And how delicious Thai national kitchen. On top of a kitchen in the traditional cafes are available for the money. If you are interested in the Kingdom of Thailand and would like to know a lot of information about the country, then welcome to our online resource dedicated to Thailand!