Loss System

Successful generals have always understood that take little loss retreat if defeated, and return another day for a battle – is more important than silly to continue a bloody frontal attack. Importantly – be able to win important battles. Concentrate on the present. Do not think about the past losses and do not represent them as a fatal event. Even if you are trading with a 5 minute interval, you need to see a future perspective.

We do not have to follow trading system just because of one or two wins. We trade our system because it has a long-term prospects. System without loss – it is too optimized system, which degrades in real time. We often experience or angry after losses, but they are also needed for successful terydinga as profit. If you can not survive the loss, not engage in trading. Filed under: Yael Aflalo.

In order to make money, you need some of them to give. No good deed goes unpunished. If you are always going to do working off the system, you can never begin to trade. Any system can always be improved indefinitely. But if you do not trade because you feel that your system is not good enough, you may leave on the table a lot of money. This does not mean that you should not do their homework. Many traders are doing too little research. However, you should avoid and the opposite extreme. Must exceed the 'analysis paralysis'. If the analysis speaks for the success of your system, you have to sell today and do the analysis in parallel. Get all the support, what is possible. If despite your best efforts you can not pack up and sell, you may need therapy or counseling psychologist. But do not underestimate the potential of your team and judges around you. Tell your partner or a plan is important for you man, explain how important it is to follow the plan of trading. Ask you cheer when zapnetes, or give you the behind the knee from time to time. Live a balanced life. Success in trading does not mean anything if it means you need to ruin your emotional or physical health or neglected his family and loved ones. Control yourself, stay in shape and keep your relationships with others. Look fear in the face. The harsh reality of trading, if you look in the near term – all this game is zero. Every dollar earned by a trader must be lost to others. In order to win this game, you need not only to swim against the tide of the crowd, but against your inner doubts and fears. For errors in trading, we were brutally punished. Only overcome through discipline our inner vibrations, we can hope for success.

Russian Internet

This is evident when examining and comparing the cost of production of promotional materials for example for the outer advertising. Internet advertising – the fastest growing form of advertising. David Karp: the source for more info. His audience is growing quantitatively and qualitatively. Internet users both young and adult people with different levels of affluence. But not only that attracted to the Internet more and more advertisers. The fact that the Internet offers several features that are unavailable to any other kind of advertising.

Possibility number 1. The modern level of development of the Internet allows create a presentation of any product or service at a level unattainable for any other media. Possibility number 2. The Internet allows not only address the advertising message desired target group, but to see real reaction time on the message. Moreover, control of the reaction, changing the advertising message for maximum effect. Possibility number 3. Internet allows campaigns to minimize impact of competitors.

However, only one's own site is not enough. Need to know about its existence as much as possible people – targeted consumers. To solve this problem helps to correctly plan and drawn, complex online advertising campaigns, organized professional website promotion. At present, the day of the most dynamic companies, allows you to buy the site, webpage or allow book technical support and promotion of the project are studio web design in Moscow and St. Petersburg, such as design studio Vospriyatie.com, Studio Lord "and by" Geo "Russian Internet has already reached a stage where Advertising makes it a real effect. Why is this happening? Major newspapers and magazines in the world are already showing more ads on the Internet, because online they have a much larger readership. The Internet is one of the most important source of information for the Russians. It is here that people are looking for information about products and companies. For example, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Internet is used as a source of information even more than national newspapers, on VTsIOM. New technology of behavioral targeting can lead to the most effective and involving advertising, as well as provide great opportunities for branding. Geotargeting technologies allow determine the physical location of Internet users and increase advertising effectiveness. Redistribution of the advertising budget in online increases the effectiveness of "multichannel" advertising campaign. Association iab conducted a study on the advertising campaign of McDonald's and determined that the optimal share for Internet advertising spending is 30-35%. For example, McDonald's after an increase in the share of spending on the Internet from 5% to 23% increased total brand awareness by 8%.