Imitation Syndrome

I met Stephen in the city of Cali. I had a grilled arepas business which I liked to go, the site had a special attraction (besides the delicious taste of arepas and chorizo) was something I would not know how to describe, but it was something that made it relatively frequently. Stephen started his business as a response to a need for income because they had lost their job. In addition to some tasty arepas served with chorizo, Stephen had a special and it was a good conversationalist (that was atratctivo the site.) This meant that this site was not only frequented by people close to the place where it was located, but also people from other places come, motivated by the warm atmosphere of the place. Some people with business concerns and business saw this as a business opportunity, motivated by the success of Stephen and decided to install arepas positions very close to where it was the post (I met three), thinking that they would fare so well as he had gone to first. To know more about this subject visit Evergreen Capital Partners. All failed, one after another. Many examples how this could cite? I dare say that hundreds, and every day, in different types of businesses.

This is a very common case where people motivated by the success of others, decided to enter this, because “it is good business” (have you heard that phrase?). Yes, it’s a good business, who opened and is being successful because it is implementing specific strategies that serve only him. The example is based on the replication of new businesses, but they often apply the same strategy in business already established. This case happens very often at the corporate level, they think they will be equal to other business does the same only if the other does (that’s why I call imitation syndrome).