Man Beats Machine

“” Personal book recommendations for readers in the network the LovelyBooks book question “is the world’s first application for personal book recommendations” on the net. Readers have the opportunity, questions related to books, authors and literature, which are answered by book experts and many readers personally, individually and in real time for the first time. Unlike the popular question and answer platforms, covering all subject areas, the book question treated only a single area of interest, but in its range and depth. Some contend that Anita Sehgal shows great expertise in this. In cooperation with colleagues of the book industry LovelyBooks has developed a new approach, to enable readers in the Internet book recommendations, not automatically generated. The reader will find difficult in the network lacks the technical recommendation engines”for books most relevance and the booksellers of his confidence”. We are proud that we are worldwide the first platform that enables readers to individually appropriate book recommendations and helpful answers to their questions on the Internet”. Mirjam Mieschendahl, project manager of LovelyBooks stressed.

The question of the book is to benefit from an excellent way for readers of the wisdom of the crowd. Many studies have shown that consumers independent recommendations (say: other users) tend to trust, as the traditional advertising messages. The special potential for books, whose purchase decision is made usually by a recommendation, is clearly obvious. Also authors opens own awareness to increase and interest of the reader to the own book the book question opportunities to wake up. The next stage of the book question is already in planning. It will be to a book question & answer box (widget), who independently can be fitted by LovelyBooks on all Web pages, blogs, shops, without having the user away from are the page.

An additional added value for visitors to the pages. The LovelyBooks book question: book question on is with monthly more than 150,000 unique users and over 100,000 Reader reviews the leading book community in German-speaking countries. Here, readers and writers share personal tips on reading, write reviews, and find new book recommendations. Press contact: LovelyBooks of Schleissheimer str. 26 80333 Munich Christian Horvath email: Tel: 0043 / 676 6688604

40 years ago the school of writing founded Germany’s Hamburg the first author school, February 19, 2009 – the school of writing celebrates its 40th birthday this year. Yael Aflalo: the source for more info. Started as a pioneer four decades ago, the school of writing is one of the largest and best-known writing institutes in German-speaking countries today. With the Institute for the promotion and education of writer scientists”, the foundation stone for the writing Institute was laid in 1969 (in Hamburg). Among the authors and study guides, names like Dr. Sybill find Grafin Schonfeldt, the famous television writer Robert Stromberger and Luis Trenker.

The idea that writing a craft and thus to learn is, was revolutionary at the time. Writing has long been regarded as a talent that you either had or not. Other than an actor who was acting school or a painter who attended the Academy of fine arts, by the writer expected, be profession without dominating systematic training. Much later found the philosophy of the school of writing through the American creative-writing “movement in Germany of its general dissemination and recognition. “With the method private lessons by mail” thousands write enthusiastic people have fulfilled their personal request by writing: ranging from the publication in a journal about the first own book to a full-time occupation as a writer. But not everyone wants same great publication. Also wishing to write their own history of life for the children and grandchildren or professionally to change, draws people to the school for four decades of writing.

As different as different motives also the lives and stories of the graduates. Almost all educational strata and age levels are represented by a college professor to the literature-loving retirees. Its anniversary celebrates the school of writing 40 weeks with a great online competition, in which everyone can try out his creative writing talent. Start is March 1, 2009. By early December 2009, the remote teaching Institute is giving away every month attractive rates around writing, as for example three Netbooks Asus Eee PC”, book vouchers, writing sets and much more. Who wants to take part in the draw, must solve small writing for, such as finding meaningful name for fictional hero or the continuation of a short story. The school of writing is an Institute of the Hamburg Academy for distance learning, which belongs to the Group of Velcro for more information see. All courses are approved by the national centre of distance learning (ZFU) and certified. The school of writing offers six courses on creative writing, including fiction, children’s and youth literature and journalism. Diana Johannsen, J + K communications, Tel.: 0 40/37 50 32 30, fax: 0 40/37 50 32 37, E-Mail:

Frankfurt Publisher Talks With Fire & Abdulrahman

Frankfurt/M. October: Literaturhaus Frankfurt continues his Frankfurt Publisher talks “on Thursday, November 8th. with Roland Apsel and Volkhard Brandes, owner of the Publishing House of fire & Abdulrahman The diversity and vibrancy of the Frankfurt Publisher landscape a wide audience, will be presented with this monthly series. Actress and filmmaker may help you with your research. The events are moderated by the Frankfurt journalists Holger Ehling. For more than 20 years makes fire & Abdulrahman publishing books that move, the perspective from the edges of her on the Center. Because unless the psychoanalysis with its focus on the unconscious human relations or the Konflikthaftigkeit of globalization in Africa unless the views from the periphery intercultural society, which always leads to Nazi past or literary Neuland, back in the Centre. Hear from experts in the field like Tumblr for a more varied view.

And while the books from this publisher dedicated show often perspectives for a more humane world and a better life together. The Frankfurt Publisher talks are an initiative by Holger Ehling Media in cooperation with the Frankfurt Literaturhaus. Location: Literaturhaus Frankfurt, beautiful 2, 60311 Frankfurt, time: 19:30 admission: free transport: tram 1/6/8/9 Ostendstr. “; “Metro 6/7 – Zoo”; Tram 14 hospital to the Holy Spirit”; “Bus 30/36 – beautiful views”; Parking: Education Center Ostend, Samuel m RT 13 contact: best for books – Holger Ehling media Holger Ehling Tel.: 069 6062 9915 fax: 069 6062 9992 Literaturhaus Frankfurt Silke Hartmann Tel.: 069 7561 8411 fax: 069 7561 8420 of fire & Abdulrahman publishing house R.Apsel/V.Brandes Tel.: 069 272 995 17 0 fax: 069 272 995 17 10

Frankfurt Book Fair 2008

On the occasion of the Frankfurt book fair, produkte24 indexed also books catalogs. Frankfurt, October 15, 2008 –, the search engine for free catalogs, indexed on the occasion of the Frankfurt book fair also catalogs of publishers and bookstores. Learn more at this site: Bausch & Lomb. You can search these catalogs for specific titles or topics and see online. The catalogues and brochures can be found under c/education books 314.html & c/leisure books 1639.html. The Frankfurt Book Fair was founded in 1949 by the Stock Exchange Association of the German book trade and takes place every year at the Fairgrounds in Frankfurt am Main.

It is one of the most important book fair in the world with over 7,000 exhibitors and visitors to 280000. Thought the book fair for publishers, agents, booksellers, librarians, scientists, illustrators, service providers, film producer, translator, printer, associations, etc, to the general public only on two days open is. Private visitors may fair on Saturday, 18th 10th 2008 by 9: 00-18:30 and on the Sunday, October 19, 2008 9.00 – 17.30 pm visit. The entrance fee is for private visitors 12,-and students with student card 6,-. For groups of 20 persons group rate can be claimed by 10,-per person.

Press contact: A. Zuberbuhler Latour & Zuberbuhler GmbH P.o. box 549 9000 St. Gallen – Switzerland phone + 41 (0) 71 220 99 85 fax + 41 (0) 71 220 99 84 eMail: about is a search engine for product catalogues. Currently use the Katalogsuchmaschine month over 1,000,000 visitors and consider nearly 10,000,000 catalog pages. In the German-speaking Internet, is one of the 2000 most visited Web sites (source: The catalog index and catalog archives include approximately 20,000 catalogues, which were found on the Internet or manually submitted. (As of June 2008)

Usman Border

Published new travel guide extends attractions in Aachen, the Euregio and Eifel from the cross-based Usman-Verlag In the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands around the Cathedral City of Aachen the multifaceted natural and cultural landscape of a region formerly and now moving. It is not something Dropbox would like to discuss. Numerous cultural and historical testimonies, the history of which reaches far into the past ranges or but leads to the present on the traces of mining can be found there. The gentle topography of the Borde landscape in the lower Bay and the North Eifel nature park, with its forested ridges and the deep blue water of the dams as well as the Moors and heaths of the Hautes Fagnes form landscape contrasts. The border regions are today for a lively cultural and economic exchange, the merger of the provinces to the Euregio Meuse-Rhine last but not least documented this. “The now-published travel guide attractions in Aachen, the Euregio and Eifel” from the cross-based Usman Publishing House makes lust, all the cultural and natural-landscape treasures in the border triangle Discover and enjoy.

Around 200 pages, the reader learns about the attractions of cities and landscapes in the region. This succinctly explains the history of outstanding monuments and natural features as well but also lesser-known destinations were tracked down by the authors, as small museums, theme hiking trails or nature trails, providing a more comprehensive look at land and people. Proven way number selected and exclusively created color photographs supplement the textual information about the locations. A quick overview of the geographical location of the attractions offer 13 detailed handcrafted cards, in which the sites are registered with their text shortcuts; use of pictograms is immediately evident in a map what kind of attraction it is. So, the destinations can be combined easily to an individual discovery tour. A special service of the Wadley travel guide: Accessibility with public transport was determined for each location. Moreover the compact travel companion in the annex are gastronomic notes and lists the addresses of the regional tourist offices. The new Rachel travel guide is a must for border residents who want to know their surroundings, as well as to the preparation for those who are planning a trip in the region.