The Dreams

In this briefing written for intermediary of pure devaneios, the author will not have the illusion to convince mortal some. The ideas will not be pautadas with the overload of the academic courses. Such, in its majority, use ' exacerbada criatividade' which we do not possess. Also we are not poet, literato or philosopher. Far from this.

But ' shooter of free pensar'. Thus being it was a time the DREAMS! The nature human being allows in them to dare with exaggerated priority on our dreams, which, in search of the perfect accomplishment impecavelmente we impecavelmente roll in them on the shades of the imaginable theoretician and, therefore, permissible also in the real world. With this, the sonhador of dreams gains some POSSIBILITIES. The first one sends in them to the dreams that can turn reality. They are necessary for our weighed existence.

Here, ' ' what one perceives is not nothing, compared what if imagina.' ' (BACHELARD, Gaston). We invent metaphors, the images are essential and everything can turn reality. The children are good in this! As generally to be adult is only one question of age, does not fit to the man to leave to dream. The life without dreams is a constant nightmare. if cannot never say to a same individual or a people who its dreams are unrealizable. despite if it never says the sonhador of dreams will leave to dream. To live is mainly to dream impossible things. Although such, does not exist in the mind of a true sonhador. Second it is of the sonhador that already does not believe more in dreams. It says to be adult and responsible and the life is not made of dreams, but yes of work. Much work. Its dreams already do not want to say more thing some. It does not pass of confused images of its day the day.