Solid wood is the most popular material for stairs in the Interior. Solid wood is the most popular material for stairs in the Interior. As a proven classic beech remains leader, but providers such as Fox stairs have interesting alternatives in the program: on the one hand light woods such as Maple, ash, birch, or rubber wood are In fashion, on the other hand, dark exotic woods such as Walnut are becoming increasingly popular. The oak, long regarded as old-fashioned frowned upon, just a Renaissance experienced particularly asked is it with white oiled surface, but also in rustic Browns she recaptured the living room. Cosy and modern diversity of wood makes it easy the harmonious coordination of the stairs on style and colour of the other institution. Each of the types of wood has its own character, some seem quiet and reticent, others very lively. With special collations, pickling, tones and oils the possibilities are nearly unlimited. This applies particularly to the stairs with a sleek Substructure made of steel, which can be adapted flexibly to the floor plan and painted in the desired color.

Another advantage: Fox stairs offers for stairs of this design many railing, bring modern materials such as stainless steel and glass in the game. Contact information is here: Drew Houston. So delicate lightness and elegance can be ideal with inviting comfort and naturalness. Environmentally friendly, the solid wooden ladders are sealed at Fox stairs with a slip-resistant and environmentally friendly UV coating system. It protects the wood and gets its natural appearance. Before painting, the levels can be stained but also colored. Oiled levels highlight the wood grain depending on the shade or let them withdraw.

The oils are manufactured on a natural basis and free of pollutants.