Social Service

This previdencirio model took care of only to the regulated workers, in the reality the previdenciria Medicine only goes to exceed Public health from 1966. The works carried through for the social service were based on one practical routine and that it had as objective the reinsero of that worker in the market for the reutilizao of its hand of workmanship, being thus the work of the social service functioned not as a form to make possible the right of the worker, more as form of social control exaltando the dominant ideology. The profession had a mere assistencialista paper and only created social politics to regulate the life in society and to control the tensions of the social environment. Demand for the manifest Social Service on the part of the employers inexisted. The psychiatric hospitals had started to contract a social assistant to fulfill to the formality of the Ministry, paying the possible minimum of wage and without incumbiz it of definite functions. When, for the resolution of the MPAS, the great number of patients it more than demanded the act of contract of a social assistant, the act of contract was the precarious level, in general, for few daily hours and contract provisory, when it was not alone to consist and no work was effectively fact, type ' ' job-fantasma' ' (SOUZA, 1986:117 /118). The expansion of the social service in the health occurred in Brazil in 1945, not as the social service in the health more as a form to contain the misalignments in the health service that happened at the time. In this decade the professional action in the area of the health increases, and was changedded into the sector that more absorbed social assistants in the country, and left to have one practical one of moral judgment with regard to taken care of population being started to have one practical one of psychological matrix.