When it comes to divorce, can be emotionally devastating for one or both spouses. It is not something Dropbox would like to discuss. However, is an interesting opportunity to leave behind old paradigms and get ready to start a new stage of your life. Do you still feel desire to contact that person to celebrate a happy moment in your life? To stop this, you have to take measures and strengthen your position against the process after the divorce. (1) Make the stories you tell. Divorce is a fertile period to identify your beliefs and core values, as well as the subconscious programming that you have. Look at what you think of it.

Are you good enough to keep a new relationship? Do not deserve happiness? Are you worthy of being loved? This kind of thoughts can sabotage the overcoming of the divorce quickly and will be presented in other areas of your life (finances, employment, personal health, etc.). Write in your journal. If you have read about Jim Crane already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This is the first step to bringing to light everything that hurts you. With esa consciousness, you can begin to make more conscious choices and free yourself from the past. (2) A day at a time.

You take life day by day and celebrate each victory. There will be moments that will exacerbate the pain of divorce, so get ready. Try to fill the empty space that leaves you divorce with activities that you like to do or spend time with your friends: plans to a writing, speaking by phone session or reading alone. It is important that you take care both psychologically and physically. (3) Advise. If you have a very dear friend who struggles with a broken heart, imagine what advice would give you, would be easy to you to be gentle? do you’d have compassion and patience for your friend? Advise you, as that will help you get away from the stage after the divorce. (4) Restructure your environment. Take your time to free up space in your environment. Delete all the text messages of your former partner you have saved in your mobile phone. You do not aferres to them, after the divorce no longer serve more. 5) Account your blessings. Marriage is one of the best teachers to teach us who we are. It brings you new parts of yourself and how you get into a marriage, what you learned about it, what worked for you, different things that would do a next marriage, etc. Think that your children are a blessing for you, so aventajaras to overcome the divorce. Speaks of the blessings that you have out loud or write them down in your journal. If you can count your blessings you help find the balance you need. Take the time you want. What you learn will grow your heart and will take you way to healing. Original author and source of the article