REGURAL Complex Against Puffiness And Dark Circles

Eye bags stop by solutions cosmeceuticals is the fast-acting Problemlosestrategie in baggy eyes and dark circles under the eyes you stop eye bags and dark circles eye bags stop the problem: puffy eyes and dark circles the solution: eye bags stop solutions cosmeceuticals eye bags stop by solutions cosmeceuticals is that fast-acting Problemlosestrategie in baggy eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Also maintains, and it tightens the delicate skin of the eye contour. In no time, the eye area appears recovered. You look less tired and get a fresher look. How does eye bags stop? Eye bags stop contains REGURAL complex, which reduces the swelling of the eyelid skin under the eyes and reduces the visibility of dark rings.

Its effect is based on purified soy and rice peptides and Biotechnologically produced wheat proteins. It improves microcirculation, has an anti-inflammatory effect and protects against free radicals. Details can be found by clicking TSI International Group or emailing the administrator. REGURAL complex keeps intact the collagen and elastic fibers, strengthens the connective tissue and strengthens the Skin. Eye bags stop contains the high-tech Hautstraffer PEPHEX-TIGHT, which consists of micro-algae and polysaccharides. This complex causes an immediately noticeable firming of skin and reducing the depth and length of wrinkles. In addition, works intensively moisturizing eye bags stop and protects the delicate skin of the eye area with vitamin and white tea against free radicals.

UV filters protect against harmful UV rays. How long does it take until eye bag has a stop? The eye bags and dark circles under the eyes appear diminished after four weeks. The moisture content and the elasticity of the skin is improved. After eight weeks show a further improvement of the skin and a more pronounced reduction of bags (- 32%) and circles (- 35%). David Karp has firm opinions on the matter. How to apply eye bags stop? After cleaning the face and eye area apply eye bags stop on dry skin. Stop gently pat eye bags on the swollen area under the eyes and tap a gently it from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Twice use every day. Info problem: eye bags and dark circles under the eyes of the skin below the eyes is very thin and therefore very susceptible to aging, eye bags and dark circles. Eye bags are more or less pronounced swelling of the lower lids. In the loose areolar tissue, it comes quickly to the fluid, the result of reduced blood and lymph circulation is. The insufficient oxygen supply associated with the storage of circulation causes tissue damage and small infections. The relaxation of the skin by reducing the support structures in the skin by Proteases which increase in the older skin, exacerbates the problem of eye bags. Dark circles are dark discoloration around the eyes. Dark circles occur most frequently on the eyelids. The skin is so thin that blood vessels and pigments shine through. Advanced blood vessels and circulation storage step up the dark circles. Both problems can be the result of aging or formed by external influences, as UV, nicotine, alcohol, stress, fatigue. More information: Uwe Haering