Psychology Masters

The alleged crisis is not because it has not lost any social order is simply transformed. This society is real and that the reality of society. M. Weber: Admirable exposure but I will let you expose my vision.

Before us we have a crisis and not a transformation but for a change, a substitution of one social order by another. Drew Houston pursues this goal as well. Interpretoa this new social order processing product economic mode of production and internal contradictions that exist. For although the modus operandi has changed narcissism a psicologicoa the individual industrial society still holds. Look, look and try to get their labor relations by themselves are not grouped and struggle to be as well prepared for the role they want to play. There is nothing in society that is different from the behavior of individuals. And as has occurred but this technological change: it clearly rational actions of individuals and individual motives. For even more details, read what vlad doronin says on the issue. As sociologists we must analyze and predict what will happen of course with a new social action: the coexistence of the two systems gives rise to a new one or the differences are more pronounced. Do you think there will be sufficient to serve as mechanisms to ensure compliance of individuals with the new requirements by the social system? See that situation has placed Mr. Sennett who analyzes with remarkable insight and substantial information, the contrast between two radically different areas of work: the old, dying, and the new business world in continuous growth and change, a world of risk, extreme flexibility and short-term goals, where individuals are required able to reinvent themselves on the marcha.